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DV Team Members Attend Floral Trade Show in Ecuador

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Last week DV team members Paula Arango, Mike Mitchell and Tim Dewey attended the Floral Trade Show in Ecuador.   For those that don’t know, Ecuador is located in the mountainous regions of the Andes in South America, where certain microclimates provide the perfect conditions for the large headed roses we see coming from the region today.  In addition to roses, Ecuador is also know for producing some amazing high-end novelty items.

Paula, Tim and Mike spent three days visiting with our farm partners to further develop relationships and continue to learn from their great wisdom.  With so many varieties being grown today, the agronomists are anxious to learn which varieties are popular at the retail segment of the market in the USA.   Mike Mitchell, the Rose expert for DV, manages all the varieties we carry and his representation of our customer’s needs really helps growers in the planning process for managing their farms.

In addition to the farm visits, they spent two days attending the Trade show, which has become one of the larger floral trade shows in the world today.   The event is held once every two years and spans over 4 days, while featuring approximately 200 exhibitors.  The exhibitors come from many segments of the floral supply chain; including breeders and hybridizers, growers, airlines, freight forwarders, and greenhouse and fertilizer suppliers.

Below are some pictures from the farm visits and trade show….

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