This is our first post for what will be weekly insights to the California flower experience. This week we have focused on sharing some pictures of what your customers will be receiving for their Friday Fresh (FF) deliveries 3-25.

In addition, we want to show you how weather can create ‘flushes’ in product and how it affects our growers. Most of the pictures of FF are straight forward, but take a look at the sea foam statice picture. As you can see there are rust colored casings at the base of all the blooms. Often times those are confused for botrytis by our customers when in fact they are just part of the plant.

The pictures of the snapdragons you see in the greenhouse are a result of two successive 3-day heat waves. What happened was production that should have been harvested over a 5 week period came in less than 2 weeks. Unfortunately there is nothing growers can do when this happens except sell what the market bares, then plow down the rest. Those pictures were taken the day before all of those areas were plowed under. It is a difficult thing for growers but they know it can happen at least a couple times per year and it is a risk they have to take to provide a consistent supply year round.

We are looking forward to sharing many other insights going forward!

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