We will periodically be bringing you highlights of what’s going on across the markets – fresh and hardgoods alike. We’ll touch on topics like supply & demand, season beginnings/endings, weather forecasts and everything in between. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

Delivery and Ordering Schedule

  • We WILL be delivering on Saturday 11/19, with a limited sales staff from 8:00AM to Noon
  • Our Sales Staff will be on duty Friday 11/18 until 6:00PM
  • After Hours Staff and dvflora.com will be open for orders until 8:00PM on Friday 11/18
  • We will be CLOSED on Thursday 11/24 Thanksgiving Day. No deliveries
  • Wednesday 11/23 our Sales Staff will be on duty until 4:00PM taking orders for Friday 11/25 delivery.
  • Our After Hours staff will be taking orders Wednesday 11/23 from 4:00- 8:00PM for Friday 11/25 delivery. You can also shop dvflora.com until 8:00PM Wednesday for Friday 11/25 delivery. No orders will be accepted after 8:00PM Wed 11/23 for delivery Fri. 11/25

Standing Order Schedule

  • All standing orders normally delivered Monday 11/21,Tuesday 11/22 & Wednesday 11/23 will be delivered on Saturday 11/19
  • All standing orders normally delivered Thursday 11/24 (we are closed) & Friday 11/25 will be delivered on Monday 11/21
  • This will be the last delivery of the Fall Standing Orders for this year

Dutch Ordering Schedule Modifications

  • Our Dutch delivery normally available for Thursday11/24 will be delivered Friday 11/25
  • Orders for both Dutch Direct and Grower Direct Dutch must be placed on Sunday 11/20 by 8:00PM for Friday 11/25 delivery
  • For any other Dutch items you need for Friday 11/25 from regular inventory, make sure to give the order to your sales rep by Saturday 11/19


General- Availability of most basic items will start to tighten up the end of the week as bouquet makers start to absorb a lot of production from the market. We expect to have a good selection through the holidays. Fall colors will remain higher priced and slightly less available through the holiday.

Asters- We will begin to carry a new kind of Aster Called “Dobles”. The pictures below don’t do them justice, so you should give them a try.


Aster Lavener Dobles


Aster Pink Dobles

Gyp- The supply of Gyp finally seems to have caught up to demand as some production form new plantings is coming on line.

Alstro- Fall colors continue to be limited and higher priced, but we expect to have a good supply through the holidays. You should also try out this newer variety called Jaffa:

Alstro Jaffa


Leatherleaf- We continue to do our best to secure enough Leatherleaf to meet demand. We have some Florida coming in this weekend, and we expect a shipment from Costa Rica by Monday at the latest and a shipment from Honduras hopefully by Wednesday.


Ranunculus and Anemone- The next few weeks will be a little tricky so try to be flexible. Production from Chile is officially finished. Ecuador still has production, but quantities and colors are limited. Holland is just starting so colors are limited but availability will get better going forward. California has limited quantities of Ranunculus. On the horizon, coming soon will be Anemones from New York and Ranunculus and Anemone from Italy.

Red Dogwood- We received our first shipment this week.

Amaryllis- Dutch Amaryllis is starting to pick up. We will also be seeing some from Canada for delivery the week of 11/14.

Callas- Demand has started to drop on large and mini callas so we will start to scale back our inventory. If you have orders for particular varieties, you should try to order 2 weeks ahead to make sure we buy enough for your needs since our ordering lead time is long.

Stock- Availability of California Stock will be very limited again this week. We expect shortages on all colors across the board. We continue to supplement our inventory with South American.

Larkspur- California Larkspur will end completely for the season very soon. Meanwhile expect shortages in all colors, but especially White. Hopefully it will start up again the end of January or so.

Heather- After a brief scare when a major producer of Heather went out of business, it looks like we will be able to tap into a source for heather. There is plenty available for next week and quality looks good.

Waxflower- As reported last week, Waxflower from the southern hemisphere is coming to an end. Meanwhile California production of early varieties is starting but the supply is small and it is still tight and immature.

Winterberry and Ilex- We have lots of nice Winterberry/Ilex coming in now from several sources.


Colors- Not much change at all in the market. The market is soft on colors except for fall colors and the most  in-demand varieties. In another week or so, prices for Oranges and other fall colors should jump significantly

Blacks- These varieties are still extremely limited. We don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

Reds- Prices are still on the low side and supply is plentiful. That should change drastically around the 12th of December as availability drops and prices shoot up as they always do this time of year.

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