Mele Kalikimaka

is the Hawaiian way to say Merry Christmas and with the cold snap of weather we have experienced this week it makes us wish we were in a warm tropical paradise without a care in the world. Since not all of us are fortunate enough to be in Hawaii we decided to bring a little Mele Kalikimaka to the DV lobby this week!

Fanciful Phalaenopsis orchids seem to dance over one another and appear as if they are competing for the attention of passersby and beckon them to day dream about sunshine and tropical birds whispering in the distance. Lemon Cyprus trees tie in a fresh bright green but at the same time remind you of winter with their evergreen nature, to bring their color down we incorporated umbrella fern to draw the color throughout the design and also tie in the tropical forest feel.

The rich textures of sheet moss and Spanish moss adorn 4’ birch logs that lay on their side to create a bed for all of the plants to rest upon and help to make the plants look as if they are effortlessly growing out of the ground. Mitsumata branches supply us with the height variance the design craves and also supplied some movement to help the eye move effortlessly throughout the design. Complimentary floral touches were added to incorporate a truly unique statement piece, kale and Tibet roses were accented with white heather and eriostemon to evoke a completely unique holiday experience.

A design like this will have you singing Mele Kalikimaka all season long!

B4784 Orchid Phal Double White 5in Cera
B4275 Orchid Phal Mini White 3in NY
B6132 Cypress Lemon Tree 4in
S30268 Birch Pole Bundle 4ft 3st
S14978 Mitsumata Bleached 4ft
31764 Eriostemon White
25261 Kale White 5st Dutch
30948 Rose White Tibet 50cm
35589 Heather White
B4972 Orchid Phal Single White 5in
G1116 Moss Spanish 8lb Bag
G1114 Moss Sheet Fresh/Wet 10lb
G1692 Fern Umbrella

Love what you see? Of course you do!
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