We will periodically be bringing you highlights of what’s going on across the markets – fresh and hardgoods alike. We’ll touch on topics like supply & demand, season beginnings/endings, weather forecasts and everything in between. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Miscellaneous and Schedule Items

Remaining Holiday Schedule- Happy Holidays from everyone at DVFlora!

  • No Deliveries Saturday 12/24. Sales staff on duty until 4 PM.
  • We will be CLOSED Sunday 12/25. No Services except dvflora.com is available
  • We will be CLOSED on Monday 12/26. No Deliveries.
  • After Hours Staff and dvflora.com will be available Monday, 12/26 from 12:00 to 6:00PM for delivery on Tuesday, 12/27.

Holiday Logistics and Inventory- With both Christmas and New Year’s falling on Saturdays it puts some added pressure on our inbound logistics.  With limited shipments for the entire industry we have experienced overall shortages for the first week of the new year in prior years. Miami brokers will have shortages of inventory, and many people will be on vacation.  Please prepare now for your needs for delivery December 27 through January 6. That’s a tricky week with no Monday delivery. Shops that plan and prepare well will be satisfied.  Those that wait until Tuesday the 3rd will have access to the inventory that we have, and it may not satisfy your needs.

Distinctive Values– Please note that for the next couple of weeks we will not be mailing the Distinctive Values. It will be available only by email or on dvflora.com. Our next mailed edition will be for the week of January 9th. If you don’t already receive it via email, contact your sales rep and ask them to send it to you, or check for it on our website.

Tulip Standing Order- Last call- book your Spring Tulip Standing Order by Tuesday.


Reds and Whites- Demand is dropping, but production is about as low as it has been all season. Prices will remain at holiday prices through next week, and we don’t see anticipate much relief for a few weeks.

Colors- No changes here. Availability and prices are decent.

Valentine’s Day- Once you take a break to enjoy the holidays, start looking around the corner to Valentine’s Day. Talk to your sales rep now, particularly if you want any roses from our premium farms. The early bird will get the worm and the best prices.


Gerbera- The market has turned around from holiday market and all colors are now available. We will continue to have great prices on Canadian assorted boxes into January.

Anemone- We hope to have some NY Anemone in the next couple of weeks. Italian Anemone have had some quality issues so we have halted shipments until that is resolved.

Dendrobium- Due to holiday schedules we will not have our usual mid-week shipments arriving on December 28 or January 4. We will order based on our best estimates, but his will limit our ability to react to unanticipated orders, so make sure to get any dendro orders in earlier rather than later.

Peonies- The season in Chile should continue another couple of weeks. This week we will have Kansas, Sarah B, Duchess de Nemours, Alex Fleming, Jules Elie, Karl Rosenfeld and a few Paul Wild. Then the season in Israel will start in mid to late January.


We have a pretty solid inventory on most items, but due to the holiday shipping schedule, we won’t be able to procure more of most items, so whatever we have coming in already is about all we will have available through the week. A few notes below:

Carnations and Mini Carnations- Reds and whites remain scarce, since everything showing color was cut for the holiday. It will take a week or two for production to catch back up.

Lilies- Both White LA and White Oriental lilies will be in tight supply next week.

DV Flash Report

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Bringing you highlights of what’s happening across the markets – fresh and hardgoods alike. We’ll touch on topics like supply & demand, season beginnings/endings, weather forecasts and everything in between.

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