Flower of the Week- Watch for our new program starting next week. Each Monday a Flower of the Week will be posted on DVFlora.com, Instagram and Facebook. This item will be available through Friday as long as supply lasts. We encourage you to use our photos to market this item to your customers. You can also share your own photos of the product in action.

Weather Update

California- Our California Team continues to watch the weather and farms as the holiday shipping peak approaches. Here is their latest info: There was a short window without wet weather for a few days, but rain is expected across the state again through this weekend, so that will limit availability for the end of the coming week.

Columbia and Ecuador– Out QA team is keeping a close eye on things as they always do and report as follows: It was cold in both countries last week, which slowed some crops. But overall most items seem to be on schedule for good holiday production. Carnation and Mini Carnation production is picking up as expected. Alstro looks good and consistent, but we advise taking your product earlier rather than later to avoid smaller and tighter blooms. Rose production will start peaking right about as expected. Some farms may be a few days late with Pom Pon crops.


General- We expect prices to start moving towards holiday prices next week. Make sure you book your orders by our Monday 1/23 deadline, as we expect prices will be increased on many items after that.  Those that prebook will get what they wanted at the best prices. Those who wait will be at the whim of the market. Prices increase not only because of the product price going up, but the cost of getting the product from the farm to our door increases 30% to 35% starting late next week.

Carnation and Mini Carnation- We have a good supply of Carnations for next week but somewhat limited availability on Mini Carnations later in the week. We expect prices for both will be high for the holiday once the prebook is over, in particular Pinks and Hot Pinks.

Alstroemeria- Not much change in the market. We expect pricing to be high for the holiday, especially for holiday colors. This is typical for any holiday . As noted above, you would be wise to pre-order to secure what you need at the best prices.

Limonium and Statice- We look to be in good shape for next week on Limo and Statice. As for all holidays, pricing on Limonium will be high and availability will be limited.

Laceflower- Lace will be very difficult to find for about four weeks. Pricing will reflect the limited availability.


Callas- Large White Callas are limited this time of year due to the weather. Out local calla grower has been planting larger and larger quantities for us every year, but they experienced a serious crop failure this year, so these will be limited this year.

Stock- California Stock is very limited, especially Lavender and Mid Blue. The rain has made it much worse than usual.  We expect this to continue a few more weeks. Meanwhile we have good quantities on Purple, Cream and Pink. We have been supplementing with South American, but the rainy and cold there has made that limited as well.

Waxflower- California Wax is in full production, but growers cannot ship it when it’s wet, so the rain will probably cause us to run short again next week.

Snapdragons- Production is good in California and Canada, with the exception of Yellow. We will have a good supply of Tall and Medium Canadian. This is probably the last week before holiday prices start to kick in.

Peonies- Peony season in Chile is over. We will start to see the first of the Israel crop next week. We are awaiting confirmation on what varieties we are getting.

Bouvardia- We won’t be seeing Bouvardia for a while. Most farms have stopped growing it due to low demand. One farm that had been providing it fairly consistently for us had a problem with their new plants. They may have some again in the spring. Meanwhile you can order from the Dutch Market, but we won’t bring it in on speculation.

Blackberry- Remember that Navajo Blackberry is currently in season, but it won’t be for long so take advantage of it while it’s around.

Sunflowers- We have been struggling to keep up with renewed demand for Sunflowers. Cold and rainy weather in Ecuador has stalled production including our DVFlora brand selections. We were unable to find any good quality California Suns. We may see shortages this week.

Gladiolas- Production in California is basically non-existent right now. We are taking whatever we can get but it’s hardly anything. Meanwhile we are filling with Mexican, which are not as popular.

Delphinium– Production in California continues to be limited and will be limited until March. We ran short this week and will probably do so again this week.

Iris- We have a good supply of Dark Blue from California but colors are limited. We do have Blue, White and Yellow from North Carolina coming in as well.

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