This week’s recipe is packed with purples!

Valentine’s Day is in full swing, and we love this color scheme for anyone looking for an alternate to the classic red rose look.

31638 Ginestra Lavender California
21082 Larkspur Lavender 80+cm XTR
42194 Lisianthus Lav RosaFlora 75cm
62113 Rose Lav Moody Blues 50cm
38603 Stock Purple-Dk S.A.
61164 Carnation Purple Hypnosis
55224 Gerbera Mini Purple Navy
25260 Kale Purple 5st Dutch
38260 Delph Blue-Dk Euro (Rio) 90cm
37808 Iris Blue-Dk Carolina
21484 Bells of Ireland 70-80cm
50014 Mum Spider Green Anas DVFlora
G1110 Salal
G1039 Eucalyptus Parvifolia Italian
G1033 Equisetum Rush
G1109 Ruscus Italian 200g
G1369 Palm Phoenix Roebelini 20st
S3555 Feathers Peacock 34in
10120 Dendrobium Purple Super
S21202 Vase Cle Pedestal 18.25inx10in

Love what you see? Of course you do!
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