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The Weather  in Ecuador has been HORRIBLE and has dramatically impacted production.  Availability had tightened severely in a matter of days and prices have increased equally as a result.

Reds- Prices are still reasonable but have increased somewhat and are a bit higher than they were at this time last year.

Colors- Product is very scarce and prices have increased substantially.

On the Horizon- Be on the lookout for new varieties. Our Rose buyer had an opportunity to visit a breeder and see what new roses they are developing. Most of them don’t even have names yet, just a code number.  They are about a year from hitting the market, but some of these will knock your socks off:


Stock– There is a good supply of Stock for next week. Prices are rising slightly as demand picks up. Lavender and White are in the highest demand, but growers make us buy other colors too, so please take some other colors too.

Waxflower– Regular Waxflower is in good supply and prices are very reasonable. Hybrid varieties are also in good supply and prices are also reasonable, but higher than Regular as always. We are hearing quiet talk that the Wax season may end for some growers in mid- April.

Delphinium– Production is still limited but starting to pick up. We see a light at the end of the tunnel and should see better production in the coming weeks. The weather in Ecuador has limited their production as it has for Roses.

Bupleurum– California Bupleurum has started up again so there’s a good supply for next week. Check out the special on a 5 pack at a great price. This pack is limited so get some before they are gone.

Acacia– Acacia/Mimosa has finished from Italy and is winding down from California. We have some for next week but that will probably be the end of the season.

Ginestra– Tinted Ginestra is now finished from California. We will still have White for next week and also some Tinted from Italy.

Lilies– As we approach Mother’s Day, be aware that a major Lily grower in California lost a lot of their Pink Oriental production for the holiday to flooding from all the rains in California. Make sure to lock in your order early for Pinks for the holiday.

Riceflower– Riceflower is back for its Spring 2017 appearance. Get it while it’s in Season. You can grab some on Friday Fresh for next week.

Dianthus– Demand for Dianthus has started to pick up. There is a fairly good supply with the exception of Black Cherry and Burgundy. Here’s some that just came in from the field:


Alstroemeria– There is a really cool  variety of Alstro coming into production called Scorpion. It’s almost like an Orchid and very nice looking. We should have them for the end of next week. Let us know what you think of them.

Carnations and Mini Carnations- Production of Carns and Mini Carns is also being heavily impacted by the weather, plus growers are gearing their production towards Mother’s Day, so that is limiting supply now and for the next few weeks.

Mums and Poms– There’s a good supply of Poms and Mums for next week, but that will change quickly in a week or so and supply will begin to be much more limited compared to demand. 

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