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Upcoming Holidays- It’s quiet now, but the holidays will be upon us before you know it. Keep your eyes open for information about changes in our service schedule, prebook deadlines, Standing Order Double Ups, etc.

  • Palm Sunday is April 9. We have Palm Bud, Palm Crosses, Palm plants, and plenty of flowering plants
  • Easter is April 16. There are lots of great product loaded on the Grower Direct page of dvflora.com, so start shopping now to save some money. The order deadline is March 31 for our regular holiday prebook, and also for out Dutch Direct Easter Prebook.
  • Mother’s Day is May 14. Your Mother’s Day packets will be delivered by our drivers the week of March 27. Make sure your Standing Order Double Ups are set up with your sales rep before April 10. Prebook your bouqetsWatch for other information in the coming weeks.
  • Administrative Professional’s Day is squeezed in there on April 26.


Weather continues to affect production and availability of Roses from Columbia and Ecuador. Here is an excerpt from a letter we received from one of our best farms:

As many of you are already aware there has been extremely large amounts of rain and flooding in Ecuador for the past several weeks. In addition, we are also experiencing unusually cold weather for this time of year, thus dramatically reducing our production levels.  This weather in some areas is the worst in our company history of over 25 years! 

We will do our best to fulfill all orders, but we will appreciate your understanding and patience for the  next few weeks and will keep you updated of any shortages or any necessary substitutions. 

Here’s another:

We are writing to inform you that our current production levels have been affected by adverse weather conditions. Currently, Colombia is experiencing extremely heavy rainfall, which has largely been the case for the past six weeks. Their rivers are flooding, the ground is completely saturated, and some farms are even taking on water. The situation in Ecuador is very similar, but they are also suffering with unseasonable cold weather. In the south of Ecuador, the Cotopaxi volcano has more snow than usual and in the north of Ecuador, the Pichincha volcano is completely covered in snow for the first time in 34 years.

Here is a picture from one of the rose farms:



Calla Lilies– The demand for large white callas picked up this week as it normally does around Palm Sunday and Easter. The weather in South America has definitely affected the supply but demand has been very low, so we have been able to keep up.

Palm Sunday and Easter Items– We have Palm Bud, Palm Crosses, Areca and Majesty Palms, and a good supply of Bulbs and Flowering Plants here with more incoming.

Stock– The supply of stock in CA has really tightened this past week. At this time of year the growers transition from the desert to the Lompoc area. Because of the extensive rain and cooler weather earlier in the year the crop is delayed. They are struggling to fill orders. Prices continue to rise.

Larkspur– Extensive rain earlier in the year and continued morning Marine Layer have created lots of quality issues with some growers. They are working to solve the problems. Meanwhile prices are fluctuating from region to region. Check out the great price on Solid Purple and Assorted 6 packs.

Heather– We had a brief and pleasant surprise seeing some Pink Heather this week  but that has finished and there is none coming from California. There is some Pink Erica and White Phylica from South Africa for next week.

Matsumoto Asters and Dianthus– There is a good supply of Matsumoto available, with the exception of Lavender. Demand for Dianthus Amazon has picked up, and there is a great supply coming from California now.


Easter Bulbs– Remember that we ship most bulbs in a “low and tight” stage. They will require a 3-4 days to get to full staging. Our Canadian source is starting to sell out of some items. There is still a good supply of Local product.

Mother’s Day/Summer Blooming– Watch for a pricelist in this week’s Distinctive Values.

Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig)– There is a bit of a shortage right now. We do have sources for the Standards, but the bushes are difficult to get right now.

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