What does ‘fully secure’ mean?

It simply means we’ve taken steps to secure our entire shop.dvflora.com site, not just the checkout section. Last year, Google announced “2017 is the year of HTTPS and SSL for websites.” Chrome 56 and Firefox 51 now both display a site is “Not Secured’ for non-ssl sites. For your security, shop.dvflora.com is now fully HTTPS encrypted, not just the checkout section. With this new protocol come some issues with older browsers. We have found that some older browser versions of Safari, Internet explorer (IE), and Chrome may not work. You may get an ‘error’ message that the browser cannot make a secure connection to the site. We have learned that Firefox will try to update to the newest version in order to correct the error. This error is the result of securing the website against internet attacks. We have removed some old, un-secure protocols to protect the site and your information.

Some old browsers require initial connections using these unsecure protocols. As a result of our removing these protocols, the browser cannot make a connection. We have successfully tested the newest versions of these browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari. If you are having issues connecting to the ecommerce site shop.dvflora.com, you will need to upgrade your browser to the newest version.

Safari Users

We have found that some users are limited to the upgrade that can be done in Safari based on the versions of mac OS. If you upgrade to the newest version of Safari for your version of mac OS and still have an issue, we recommend downloading either Firefox or Chrome for mac. Firefox is recommended, as it auto-upgrades itself without user intervention.

Firefox Download Link https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

Chrome Download link: https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/


Because we have upgraded to HTTPS the web page address (URL) has changed from http://shop.dvflora.com to https://shop.dvflora.com. Web browsers offer to remember passwords for websites based on the URL. So you will be prompted to enter your password as you go to the new site. If your password had been saved by the browser, and you don’t remember it, you can use the “Forgot your password?” link to have a new password generated for you.

If you have any questions, please visit the Contact Us page.


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