Recently, our Japanese Product Manager (Tony Solina) visited several regions of Japan and met with multiple flower growers and auctions. In this video, Tony discusses the incredible quality of the Japanese product he purchases on a daily basis, and points out some amazing pieces in the featured arrangement created solely from Japanese products. He’ll cover everything from availability to the intense labor Japanese growers put into their products, and maybe even mention his personal favorite Japanese flower!

We’ve also included an incredibly useful availability list of the Japanese products that DVFlora carries throughout the year, and photos of not only the beautiful arrangement Tony discusses in the video, but several photos from his most recent trip to Japan.

If you have any questions or comments in regards to Japanese products, please let us know in the comments below! Enjoy!

 Japanese Availability by Season:

Anemone: December – April

Asplenium Crispy Wave: Year round (with minor gaps)

Astilbe: November – June

Cosmos: October – April

Gentiana: June – October

Grammatophyllum (summer orchid): May – August

Gloriosa: Year round

Lisianthus: Year round

Leucocornye: November – March

Lindera citriodora aomoji: November – March

Tree Peony: End of December – April

Peony: April – May

Ranunculus: Mid December – April

Roses and sprays: Year round

Scabiosa: November – May

Spirea: End of December – March

Sweet Pea: December – April

Tweedia: Year round


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