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HURRICANE IRMA UPDATE – South American Products- Due to Hurricane Irma, closures of the inbound shipment lanes from South America, and the closing of all the transportation and handling infrastructure of the flower business in Miami, the floral industry will be experiencing meaningful shortages in normal availability of South American Products for next week. We have been working diligently to minimize this impact and have taken numerous steps to secure product, but the depth and breadth of product will be less than on a normal week with regards to specific flowers, farms and varieties.

There are great options available out of Canada, Holland and California as those sources and shipments remain intact. We urge you to look ahead  now to see what you will need for the end of the September 11 week and the beginning of the week of September 18. You should also try to be flexible and take similar products that are available rather than wait for a very specific item. Your DV Sales Associate will have the best recommendations, information and options for you throughout this period.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause as Mother Nature takes its course. We hope and pray for the best for all of our floral friends in South Florida.

Cream of the Crop– We are in the process of booking Year Round Standing Orders. Price Lists have been sent out, so if you don’t have one contact your Sales Associate. The Product List with photographs is the same one as last year, so don’t throw that out. You can also see the Product List and the Price List on the Welcome page when you log into dvflora.com . The deadline to order is October 1, so start working with your Sales Associate now to assess your needs for the coming year.

DV Grower Direct on Faceboook– Be sure to join the Grower Direct Facebook page to see the latest product information:

  • Search “DV Grower Direct” on the Facebook web page or app
  • Select the “Groups” tab at the top (only if you don’t see it right away).
  • If you’re on a mobile device, you’ll have to swipe to the left through the different search filters
  • Click the “Join” button


Hot Varieties– We have developed a source for some of the hottest new varieties- Pink Mondial, Hearts, Playa Blanca and Sweet Escimo. This production is coming on now and we expect production to increase in the months ahead. To kick off this new source, we will have a great special on Pink Mondial at well below market price for the week of the 18th.

Red Charlotte– After many years, the last grower we know of that is growing Charlotte has eradicated their crop. They were the first to introduce this rose to the market, and the last we know of to be growing it, so we don’t expect to see any more of them.

Overall Rose Market– Popular Wedding varieties are priced very high. Reds are still in strong supply and prices are good. Other colors are in fairly good supply and prices remain about normal. It’s unclear what will happen for the next week or two.  The Miami market is empty and closed until Monday. Airlines are not flying in or out of Miami until Monday at the earliest. The soonest the farms will be shipping again is Monday or Tuesday (depending on the country) if there are no major catastrophes. That means the market won’t see any more South American product again until next Tuesday or Wednesday, which means Thursday or Friday to your stores.


Callas– The demand for Mini and Large Callas certainly has increased as we head into the wedding season. There is a good supply of Mini and Large White Callas. There are many choices for you this time of year: DV inventory, Grower Direct and Dutch Direct. All of our callas are farm direct, and we place our orders 10 days out. The earlier you order, the more likely you will get what you need.

Stock– There has been a very good supply of stock as all the growers are back on track. New fall fields are in bloom, and we have been able to meet most of your needs. White and lavender still go quickly. Ruby Red/Burgundy is not available and we don’t see any sign of this changing. As we head  into September, it is natural that we see an upward tick in pricing.

Larkspur– Larkspur has been a bit more difficult these past few weeks. There are limited growers in production right now, and as they transition to new fields we find very limited White available. White is always the last color to come in and we expect very little available for the next few weeks.

Delphinium– Production of Delphinium from California has become very limited. Unfortunately one of our main growers had to plow under his crop and the new plantings scheduled for down the line due to a virus. Several others growers have finished their production schedule and others are limited. We have been transitioning to South America but obviously with the weather upheaval our supply will be limited. Expect major shortages this week.
Hybrid Delphinium production is also limited in both California. and South America. Unfortunately this is the time of year that demand increases. We will not be able to keep up with demand next week, especially White. This will continue throughout the wedding season, so get your orders in early for the best change of getting what you need.

Snapdragons– Production of Snapdragons in California is much improved. The Canadian Tall Snap production is great for next week. There was also a  flush in Medium Snaps and we are offering a great price for an assorted 10 pack. And don’t forget that we offer our Canadian DVFlora Assorted 10 pack Snapdragons we have every week. This is a great mix at a great price with good consistent quality.

Protea– The supply of Pink Protea from California and South Africa will continue to be very limited. It seems that King Protea was featured on Pinterest this year and that has increased the amount of interest. King protea is always limited since growers have very limited production. At this time of year King Protea is only coming from South Africa and we need to order 10 days ahead, so large orders will be difficult to fill even with significant lead time.

Sunflowers– South American Sunflower production will be disrupted due to the storm.
Local sunflower availability has decreased. Several consecutive storms damaged one of our suppliers’ crop and they have not yet recovered. The availability from our other local sources has slowed we are able to pick up often, so we try to keep up with the demand. There are also some local Novelty varieties in addition to regular Sunflowers. The Novelty colors are limited!

Brown Capuccino

Variegated Plum

Variegated Sundown

Gardenias– Gardenias remain very limited. We are hoping to be able to meet all your needs for next week but at this point we uncertain on what we will be able to procure. We don’t expect to have any extra inventory next week.

Clematis– Due to Slow Production and preparations for the storm, our Florida Clematis supplier has ended their season. The season should start back up towards the end of February or the beginning of March.

Pumpkins, Gourds and Indian Corn– We have a good supply of these Fall Ornamental items, including White Jack-B-Littles, which we originally thought we wouldn’t be able to get this year. Also available this year on a Special Order basis are some very cute Painted Mini Pumpkins.

P612- Pumpkin Painted Baby Pam 8cnt

P613-Pumpkin Painted Mini 40cnt (Jack-B-Little)

P614- Pumpkin Painted BreastCancer 8cnt- (Pie Pumpkins- 5-6” Diameter)


Waxflower– Both of our Peruvian suppliers are in production and we have had a great supply.
There is also Wax coming from Australia, which is nicer but more expensive. We have started bringing in some Wax from South Africa. This grower has an exclusive on the Hybrid Helix varieties which we think you will find appealing. Below are a few pictures of the new varieties from our South African source.

White Moonlight

Pink Strawberry Surprise

Pink Sarah’s Delight

Heather– There is a good supply of Calcynia in White and Tinted Pink available for next week. The Natural Pink has come to an end. We expect Calcynia to make it through the end of September.

Asters– New this fall: Aster Assorted Fall Tint Solidago. This is a case of 12.  Each box will contain 4 bunches of Red Tint, 4 bunches of Orange Tint, and 4 bunches of Yellow Solidago.   Item # 56118 starting the week of the 18th. We have plenty of Red Tint Solidago arriving for next week’s sales.

Aster Assorted Fall Tint Solidago


Frogs– We now have 2 inch Pin Frogs in stock. Sold in a pack of 6

Cinnabar Candles– Our candle vendor has discontinued the 15” Cinnabar Candles. We have some in stock but once they are gone we can’t get any more.

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