We are sure by now that everyone is over the freezing cold weather we have been experiencing the past couple weeks, but luckily this recipe of the week is giving us warm vibes! The peach gerberas, lavender freesias and moon berry carnations add the perfect touch of spring to the arrangement. With Valentine’s Day on the way, these colors are a great choice for that special someone who is longing for warm weather!

View our ingredients below:

Stock Cream S.A. – 27979
Gerbera Peach Avignon LC – 43342
Fever Few Button Yellow – 39849
Freesia Lavender Canada – 31905
Mini Carnation Moon Berry – 21364
SpRose Pch Apricot Bril Stars – 64136
Hydrangea White Loose – 21826
Bupleurum 10st California – 29051
Rose Pch Shimmer 40cm – 54178
Urn Bright White 11.5in – S18131
Huckleberry – G1064
Nagi – G1152
Hypericum Pch Coco Yoko 50cm – 46534

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