We will periodically be bringing you highlights of what’s going on across the markets – fresh and hard goods alike. We’ll touch on topics like supply & demand, season beginnings/endings, weather forecasts and everything in between. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Miscellaneous and Schedule Items

Easter Schedule- Our Delivery and Service Schedule for this week is the same as a normal week.

Mother’s Day- Our drivers will be delivering your Mother’s Day packets starting this coming week. This will include your prior year purchase history, as well as lots of sale flyers for the upcoming holiday. Keep your eyes peeled!

Japanese Product Update

Anemones– the season is just about finished. We have a shipment pending for this weekend’s arrival.  This will likely be the last shipment we receive for the season.

Sweet Peas–  The season on the Sweet Pea is coming to a quick end.  We are expecting to get a decent shipment this weekend and mid- week next week but after that is very questionable.  If the season does extend into April,  the varieties available will be extremely limited. For now do not count on Japanese Sweet Pea past March 30th delivery.

Ranunculus – Ranunculus are also coming to an end but should go to about mid-April,  do not expect to get the Japanese Ranunculus past April 13th as that is the last week we expect to have them available.


Cut Easter Lilies- Production ended early this year and we are sold out.

Easter Bouquets- We have a nice selection of Bouquets for the holiday. Lock some in before they’re gone.

Gardenia- We expect to sell out next week so don’t wait to place your orders.  We have secured as much as we can but the market is still not as good as it used to be.  Our normal supplier still has no production so we have been using an alternate. 

Stephanotis- Stephanotis production is picking back up.  Canadian Steph is back.  We got our first shipment this week. 

Clematis- Since our Florida Clematis grower is not growing this year we have been bringing in Clematis from Holland.  We can get any color except for White.  They never seem to have White.  We are working on another Source out of California but they won’t know what colors they will have until late May. 

Tinted Mums– Since we did so well with the Tinted Aster we decided to bring in Tinted Poms and Mums.  This will be a combo box to start, arriving this weekend and on the Distinctive Values for next week.  Each box will contain the following:

6 bunches 7 st of asst tinted Daisy (light purple, light pink and konfetti in purple & pink
2 bunches 7 st of asst painted cushions (purple & hot pink)
8 bunches 5 st of painted spiders… full painted in purple & pink, semi tinted yellow/White and pink/White


Spray Painted Asters– These are some of the Asters we are talking about. We have 2 new boxes arriving this weekend.  Both boxes will be available for the Spring season.

Box 1- Item 57180- 10 pk- All Sprayed Solidago.  2 Light Pink, 2 Hot Pink, 3 Purple, 3 White.

Box 2- Item 57179-12 pk- Natural and Sprayed. Each box contains: 2 Hot Pink, 2 Dark Pink, 2 White, 2 Purple Sprayed Solidago.  2 White Sunspring and 2 Purple Monarch.


The Market is still pretty consistent with what we’ve been seeing the past two weeks. Production is still very low so the more demand increases, the more prices increase. Prices on Reds are rising slowly- going into next week they are higher than they’ve been this past month. Prices on Colors remain high. This week from the farms, prices were also the highest they been since Valentine’s Day.

Finally- No that’s not exasperation, that’s the newest Red Rose on the horizon. We have some coming in for next week at a special introductory price. Give them a try and let us know what you think.


Brent and Sams Cookies- Some of these are no longer available, but we have found good subs for them from Janis and Melanie. The Soft and Chewy boxes can be used horizontally or vertically, and the cookies are individually wrapped, so they can be used singly.

S802- Cookie KeyLime WhiteChoc 2.5oz sub with S26108- Cookie Wh Choc Key Lime 2.5oz
S800- Cookie Choco Chip Pecan 2.5oz sub with S26107- Cookie Choc Chip Pecan 2.5oz
S806- Cookie Extra Choc NoNut 2.5oz sub with S26110- Cookie Chocolate Chip 2.5oz
S393- Cookie Choc Chip 7oz sub with S26106- Cookie Chocolate Chip 6oz
S3447- Cookie Soft & Chewy Choc Ch Pecan sub with s26103- Cookie Soft Dbl Choc Brownie
S3457- Cookie Soft & Chewy Oatmeal Raisin sub with s26105- Cookie Soft Oatmeal Cranberry
S3456- Cookie Soft & Chewy Choc Chunk sub with S26104- Cookie Soft Chocolate Chunk


Easter Lilies- We are about sold out. We may have a box or two of the 6″ and 10″ but that’s it.

Tulips, Daffodils, and Hyacinths- What you see available is all we will have.

Hydrangea- We are sold out of the 3 bloom. On other sizes, what you see is all we will have for the week.

Other Flowering- We have a pretty good supply of other flowering items.

Pothos and Philodendron- The availability of these is hit and miss. One week we can get them, one week we can’t.

Other Green Plants– similar to the Pothos and Philodendrons, most green plants are limited, and shorter than usual, as grower struggle to resupply after the hurricanes.



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