The bees are buzzing over this week’s recipe, and not just because it is featuring one of my favorites, beehive ginger! The rich salmons and delicate peaches of this week’s recipe combine with a splash of yellow to transport you to a tropical oasis where the sun hangs lazily in the sky. Exotic tropical florals combine with delicate staples to create a dreamy mix combining old and new where East meets West and inspiration abounds.

Grasping your attention and tickling your nose with its tropical citrus scent beehive ginger takes center stage this week, its unique honeycomb design and distinctively peach coloration makes this flower one of my all-time favorite tropical blooms. To add another layer and enhance the color of the ginger, peach pincushion protea were added to add a lightness and break up the weight put on your eye by the ginger. Adding a darker hue, orange cymbidiums were placed throughout the design to add a playful waxy texture and provide the design with a well-rounded color palette that encompasses all shades of a brilliant tropical sunset.

To balance all these distinct tropical blooms, I added some of my absolute favorite flowers in all different shades of peach and salmon. Starting with an abundance of peach Jana spray roses fresh from California, these delicate beauties add a pop of cheery brightness and help to provide a sturdy framework to build off of. Layered on top of them is South American peach stock that peaks out at all different angles to draw and direct your eye throughout the arrangement. Salmon Amsterdam roses and peach Juliet garden roses dance in a perfect balance of light and dark tones to offer two distinct focal points that offer variety but also tie the look together. Placed deep inside the design a bed of salmon dianthus was added to provide depth and further provide a balanced ratio of salmon to peach florals.

To loosen up the design peach hypericum were added and counterbalanced by an array of salmon ranunculus that encompass every shade of peach under the sun. To add a bright pop of color indicative of the sun, yellow oncidium orchids dance above the design providing a delicate and subtle punch of color.

With a recipe like this you can transport your clients to a whole new world, no passport needed! Exciting tropicals blended with subtle industry staples invigorate the senses and help to elevate your design. Keeping things exciting but at the same time keeping a certain level of tradition can help set you apart from your competition and keep your clients begging for more.

Ginger Beehive Orange – 10129
Hypericum Pch Coco Yoko 50cm – 46534
Garden Rose Pch Juliet x12 – 47769
Cymbidium Orange 8/11 Byfod – 46647
Pincushion Spider Peach – 39812
Rose Sal Amsterdam 50cm – 47798
Dianthus Amazon Coral – 38002
SpRose Pch Jana 50cm – 60418
Planter Matte Blk 5.5×6.75inOp – S23121
Ranunculus Salmon – 42913

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