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This week’s recipe has us all singing Under the Sea; a palette of bright peaches and intense corals dance with golden yellows that have us feeling like we are looking in on an underwater oasis. Towering above the design is a bright pop of peach gladiolus (32421) that not only provide vertical interest but also help to extend the bright peach and coral tones as your eye travels through the arrangement. Situated right next to the gladiolus in a stepping stone pattern is local sarracenia flowers (47650) that are reminiscent of delicate jellyfish floating by in the gentle flow of the sea.

The base is comprised of a sea of peach tones; from the light shades of peach stock (25140) to a darker tone of peach rose called Carpe Diem (47256) these rich variations of color create a strong foundation that is highlighted by strong golden local yarrow (35384). To give an illusion of fan corals and create a light airy movement in the design; dried nephrolepis white fern (X6477) steal the show with their unique form and coloration. With a recipe like this you can’t help but want to snorkel in your own tropical paradise.

Planter Matte Blk 5.5×6.75inOp – S23121
Nephrolepis White Fern (dried) – C6477
Gladiolus Peach California – 32421
Rose Pch Carpe Diem 50cm – 47256
Stock Peach Apricot Ocean View – 25140
Pittosporum Green – G1094
Yarrow Coronation Gold – 35384
Sarracenia Flower Local – 47650

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