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Autumn is calling…

With a crisp chill in the air and frost on our windows, we know autumn has finally arrived. This week’s recipe highlights the rustic feel of fall with toffee roses (very limited quantity), brown sunflowers (34257) and copperhead amaranthus (27576). The persimmon branch (25577) adds an orange hue to the arrangement which ties in the rustic color scheme. With the combination of light and dark product, this recipe sure does scream rustic romance. The ingredients are festive and dramatic, ideal for a fall wedding design.

View the ingredients below:

Rose Brw Toffee 50cm – 57020
Branch Persimmon 3-5 stem – 25577
Bittersweet Local 2-3ft – 27959
Sunflower Brown Cappuccino 5st – 34257
Amaranthus Copperhead – 27576
Grass Red Garnet Bead – 36727
Branch Liquid Amber – 28160
Cosmos Chocolate – 28191
Podocarpus Weeping – G2103
Planter Expresso w/L 5x10inOp – S26162
Cotinus Smokebush 5st 32″ CA – 29591
Pods Rose Hips 5st California – 29461
Skimmia – G1823

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