On October 24th, 2018, the DVFlora team had a heartwarming opportunity to participate in SAF’s Petal It Forward event. Petal It Forward is a nationwide event that is sponsored by florists from more than 450 cities and 50 states, plus D.C. With the help of DVFlora employees, lucky recipients across South Jersey received two free bouquets – one to keep and one to give to someone else, whether it be a friend, family member or complete stranger.

Petal It Forward is a strong example of people coming together to show how the power of flowers can impact someone’s day in a positive way. 250 bouquets were handed out across South Jersey and each town DVFlora visited was filled with happiness and smiles. April Robin Florist was a very gracious host while we handed out flowers in front of their shop.

Below are testimonials from the DVFlora team:


This year’s event was my second year on the Petal it Forward team, a continuation of what has become one of my annual favorites at the company. As the photographer and videographer for DVFlora, I didn’t get to pass out too many bouquets directly. However, seeing the reactions on each person’s face when we would say “these are for you!” is just as rewarding, even if only from behind the lens. I consider myself honored and lucky to be a part of an amazing team that is so passionate about making others smile through flowers. Events like Petal it Forward are interesting because they definitely make a difference – we spread a degree of positivity to complete strangers, two bouquets at a time!

Kelisa "Paparazzi 1" Valinote

It was an honor to participate in the Petal It Forward campaign this year. We had a blast in the upbeat town of Collingswood, NJ. We met so many gracious people from all walks of life… from shop owners to construction workers, travelers, lunch crews, people exercising.. from 4 weeks to 95 years old one thing was in common- gratitude and appreciation… flowers bring people together.

Steve "The Petal Pusher" Catando

With it being my first Petal It Forward event, I was amazed seeing the reactions of others receiving bouquets. It was rewarding witnessing how quickly some individuals would pass on their bouquet to others immediately. A simple gesture went a long way, and for some it turned their day around! I was grateful to be a part of the day!

Kelly "The Newbie" Lindsay

Participating in Petal It Forward gave me a sense that, in some small way, we were making people’s day. To see their eyes light up and the smiles on their faces not only when they received the bouquet but also as you saw them walking along the street with their flowers, really gave me that “feel good moment”. Having a woman get emotional, ask me for a hug and to say God Bless you; left me speechless. There is no question flowers have a positive impact on people’s lives and it is a shame that more people do not take the opportunity to bring flowers into their lives. I can’t thank DVFG, our vendors and April Robin Florist & Gifts for allowing me to participate in this very special event.

Randy "The Legend" Schenauer

This was my second year participating in the Petal It Forward event, it was the most heartwarming day of the year! It felt so good to know we were making such a positive impact on everyone’s day. It was priceless to see all of the smiles, laughs, and tears that were spread with the love of flowers.

Amanda "The Quiet Storm" Jagielski

I have to say without a doubt this was truly a heartwarming experience. Seeing the smiles and a few tears on the faces of the people I/we reached was amazing. I did not have any expectations before doing this and now reflecting back on it, the emotions that the flowers brought out of people is shocking in the most positive way. What a remarkably gratifying day.

Tony "The Tear Jerker" Solina

This is my second year participating in the PIF event and I feel honored to spend this one special day impacting others in a positive way. Taking photos of the event is actually more emotional than one might think. To capture the moment that someone realizes they are being given free flowers is very memorable. I handed out two bouquets to a mail carrier and she started crying in her truck. She came back over to us and said she was having a horrible week, but the flowers brightened her day. It's people like that who deserve flowers, and I hope next year we can put a smile on even more faces!

Madison "Paparazzi 2" Underwood

What an amazing day taking part in Petal It Forward! Spreading joy and making people smile is so much fun. One woman I gave flowers to was on her way to the hospital to see her sister and couldn’t wait to bring her a bouquet. She was so appreciative. What a great event. This was my first time and I am already looking forward to next year!

Lisa "The Shark" Strickland

In addition to participating across South Jersey, DVFlora worked in conjunction with Queens Flowers and Holland America to ship over 8,000 bouquets to retail florists all over the Northeastern USA; including New England, Pittsburgh, New York, Baltimore, and Virginia.

To see more pictures from around the country, click here!

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