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This week’s recipe is full of layers of lovely lavender sure to melt away your winter blues. A bedding of silver greenery; lacey dusty miller (26967), feather willow eucalyptus (G1043), knifeblade acacia (G1203), and seeded eucalyptus (G1158) intermingle with the rich tones of sumac (39503), blueberry cedar (G1622), and purple passion vine (B3201) to provide the perfect back drop. Playful hues of blue Manhattan roses (40898) and silver Mikado spray roses (64145) mix with lavender clematis (40302), lavender lilac (22097), and blue anemone (49931) grab your attention and provide layers of color. To add a highlight; white astilbe (47861), white heather (35589), white astrantia (47656), and white ginestra lighten the mood. As the end of January nears we can’t help but let these layers of lavender melt away our winter blues.

View the ingredients below:

Anemone Mistral Blue Dutch – 49931
Rose Lav Manhattan Blue 50cm – 40898
SpRose Lav Silver Mikado 50cm – 64145
Astilbe White Gloria Japan – 47861
Clematis Lavender – 40302
Ginestra White California – 25926
Lilac Bunch Lavender Dutch – 22097
Eucalyptus Gunnii – G1045
Eucalyptus Feather Willow – G1043
Planter Grey Ovl Emb w/L 4x8in – S25597
Artemisia Dusty Miller Lacey – 26967
Cedar Blueberry – G1622
Branch Sumac – 39503

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