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Beauty can be found even in the most unlikely of places, this week’s recipe features stunning specimens of Japanese orchids sent against a swamp like backdrop to enhance the natural beauty they possess. A bed of green dianthus (38455) and green preserved Spanish moss (S17519) hosts outcroppings of galax leaves (G1059) and honey myrtle (G1521) all nestled in a matte black planter (S25606). To add another layer of texture, orange kangaroo paw (39981) and pennycress (38823) were added in conjunction with walking sticks (47592) to add drama and height.

Stunningly vibrant and elegantly long Santa Barbara cattleya orchids from Japan (58818) steal the show with their bright colors and unique shapes. The crown jewel however is a large faced pink cattleya orchid (58820), also from Japan, placed in the lower left corner to anchor your eye in the design. This week’s recipe teaches us to look past the dreary and the mundane and really appreciate earth’s natural beauty.

View the ingredients below:

Kangaroo Paw Orange 5st Peru – 39981
Walking Sticks 2-3ft 3st – 47592
Dianthus Green 55/60cm – 38455
Carrleya Var Santa Barbara Sun – 58118
Honey Myrtle – G1521
Planter Black 4inH 8x8inOp – S25606
Galax Leaves – G1059
Cattleya Pink 15cm – 58820

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