Have you heard the clock has struck midnight?

The innovative and eye-catching dry gray foam transforms to rich black when soaked, creating the perfect canvas for any design. From traditional to bold, OASIS® Midnight fits any style. Do your customers ask how often to water their foamed arrangements? Help them take the guess work out. Let your customer know it’s time to add water to the arrangement by hydrating designs when the vibrant black foam fades to gray. No more over and under watering, helping to extend the life of the piece.

According to Smithers-Oasis Product Manager, Cameron O’Neill, “Midnight foam holds water the same as the other OASIS® floral foam products. Each full block of foam holds two quarts of water.”

Easy to work with, this floral foam is available in Standard or Deluxe densities. Made with Standard OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife technology. Pre-cut to save you time; just soak and design!

Check out these top 5 reasons to see the magic behind OASIS® Midnight:

1. Erase Your Mistakes!

Do you have a visible ding in your OASIS® Midnight where it can be seen and just toss it in the trash? Stop the madness, we have a quick fix for you!

By rubbing the imperfect area gently back and forth with your thumb, you can simply smooth away the mistake. The dark rich coloring allows this touch-up to be hidden. If there is a large chunk missing in a piece you are already deep into designing, just cut a piece off another brick and spackle into the missing place.

Tah-Dah! You just preformed Midnight Magic, how does it feel to be a floral magician?

2. Add Texture, Increase Depth

Midnight is meant to be seen–make a statement! Design Director, Frank Feysa AIFD, added texture and depth to the spheres pictured by using a popsicle stick, an OASIS water tube, and a Handy pearl wristlet pressed gently into the foam. This idea brings an endless and easy way to bring a custom one-of-a-kind touch to your sphere designs! By adding texture, you can once again control stem usage and costs if you’re on a tight budget or timeline! Pro-tip: add another dimension of texture by mixing in succulents with your normal stems to enhance your textured foam patterns!

3. Quit whenever you want — when you are out of flowers, out of margin or out of patience

You now have the flexibility to create finished traditional looks with up to 25% less materials compared to green floral foam. Midnight foam is screaming to be left seen! Foliage stands out against the rich black background, no need to over do it on the greening, we have nothing to hide here.

Are you out of flowers? Feel free to stop, drop, and roll your design out the door! Since the foam securing your masterpiece effortlessly disappears, stop inserting stems whenever your heart desires, the more visible foam the better. Talk about making the magic happen!

4. Earth Day, Everyday

Did you know Midnight Foam has the same MaxLife technology as the green stuff? OASIS foam is the ONLY wet floral foam proven to provide flower life that lasts as long or longer than flowers in a vase of water. Midnight Floral Foam is 100% biodegradable in 567 days. Save the environment while saving time and keeping your costs low!

As we look at the impact of our designs on the environment, Smithers-Oasis is committed to contributing to the sustainability of the earth we live on and the people and communities we serve globally. As a leader in the floral industry, their commitment is long term. They look for ways to be an increasingly sustainable company. They will continue to introduce innovative and environmentally friendly floriculture products and programs that increase the sustainability of our planet.

5. Effortlessly Elegant, Perfectly Polished

Midnight was developed in Europe as the black tie of floral mechanics and has received an overwhelmingly positive response from US consumers. The versatile floral foam can be used to support flower stems as a water source or cut into interesting shapes to add a lightweight and artistic flair to your designs. Design Director, Laura Daluga AIFD gushes about the versatility for Midnight in event and wedding work. “Against a stark black backdrop, your designs can have an extra burst of color. All-white designs will shine brighter. Colors will ring truer and more saturated against a true neutral. Working with texture-rich botanicals in such a right-now palette, Midnight makes assembly of designs like these simple and quick.”

Still on the fence?

Check out these testimonials from accredited designers who believe in the magic behind Midnight!

Bill Schaffer AIFD, AAF, PFCI

After seeing numerous European designers create floral art using OASIS Midnight Floral Foam at IPM Essen 2018, we realized the incredible depth that can be achieved with this product. Oasis Midnight Floral Foam opens a world of design possibilities. We can create with shadow, texture and space, giving our flowers room to breathe.

Frank Feysa AIFD, CFD, PFCI

Oasis Midnight foam is one of the most exciting things to hit the industry in a long time! I am so pumped and excited to use this product in all aspects of what I do, everyday designs, weddings and event work. The concept is so simple and logical, a dark base within the design that you don’t have to be so concerned about hiding. The black foam just fades away and the emphasis is where it belongs, on the flowers. I can spend less time concealing the mechanics and use less material. There are so many options with Midnight foam, you can choose to hide it entirely or let it be seen in various degrees to add some mystery to your work. You make the call. Midnight foam is the same great quality as all foam from Smithers Oasis, with a great innovative twist!

Information provided by our partners at Smither’s Oasis.

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