OASIS Midnight
Black Floral Foam
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New OASIS® Midnight Floral Foam
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Only available from OASIS® Floral Products, Midnight is the hottest innovation in floral design.

Available in 18 different SKUs, this dry gray foam becomes a rich black design canvas when saturated. Designers can create finished traditional looks with up to 25% fewer materials compared to green floral foam. Midnight foam can be left visible to create minimalist floral designs that are on-trend and perfect for the modern consumer.

Take the guesswork out of adding water to arrangements by hydrating when the vibrant black foam fades to gray. Equipped with exclusive Maxlife technology for enhanced biodegradability: the formula is 100% biodegradable in 567 days.

We teamed up with Smithers-Oasis & Sharon McGukin AIFD, AAF, PFCI to learn some tips and tricks with the Midnight Floral Foam!

Watch the video below to get some inspiration of what you could create!

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Below you will find the arrangements
Sharon McGukin created within the video.
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What others are saying about OASIS Midnight Foam…
Bill Schaffer AIFD, AAF, PFCI

After seeing numerous European designers create floral art using OASIS Midnight Floral Foam at IPM Essen 2018, we realized the incredible depth that can be achieved with this product. Oasis Midnight Floral Foam opens a world of design possibilities. We can create with shadow, texture and space, giving our flowers room to breathe.

Frank Feysa AIFD, CFD, PFCI

Oasis Midnight foam is one of the most exciting things to hit the industry in a long time! I am so pumped and excited to use this product in all aspects of what I do, everyday designs, weddings and event work. The concept is so simple and logical, a dark base within the design that you don’t have to be so concerned about hiding. The black foam just fades away and the emphasis is where it belongs, on the flowers. I can spend less time concealing the mechanics and use less material. There are so many options with Midnight foam, you can choose to hide it entirely or let it be seen in various degrees to add some mystery to your work. You make the call. Midnight foam is the same great quality as all foam from Smithers Oasis, with a great innovative twist!

Meet Sharon McGukin

Sharon McGukin (Mac-Goo-kin) AIFD, AAF, PFCI inspires others to ‘celebrate life with flowers’. Sharon is known nationally for her floral expertise, southern charm and energetic connection with audiences as an entertaining and informative speaker.

She began her career as a small town florist with floral adventures leading her around the world. She has consulted in Asia for the home décor industry and presented flower demonstrations or tracked floral trends across the US, Canada, and Europe. From decorating floats at the Rose Bowl Parade to designing flowers in the White House, this floral fashionista has lots of flower stories to share.


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