We are keeping in the spirit of American Grown Flower month with this week’s recipe, featuring an array of blooms from all over the United States. The local combo box, 21677, from Cramer’s Posey Patch provided an array of textures and colors to please everyone! From coxcomb celosia, safflower, allium, dill, blush yarrow, feather celosia, and burgundy scabiosa this box has it all!

Combo Wetpack (21677)

Combo Wetpack (21677)

In addition, large local sunflowers, asclepsias, yellow sweetheart roses, and rudbeckia really set off this summer inspired design. To add a layer or richness, hot pink Felix Crousse peony all the way from Alaska created depth and fullness to the design.

With such a variety of American Grown blooms available, it’s hard not to find something to suit every palette!


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