The days are getting shorter,
temperatures are slowly on the decline...

...and the smell of pumpkin spice is heavy in the air!

No, you’re not dreaming, summer is coming to a close and the fall season is fast on our heels!

This week’s recipe warmly embraces the transitional period between late summer and early fall, ripe with the quintessential tones and textures that make us feel all warm and cozy. Rich emerald greens provided the perfect foundation to allow these fall tones to shine; a mixture of coontie fern (G1246), Bay Laurel (G2276), and Skimmia (G1823). To create a rich focal; clusters of Toffee roses (45777) in conjunction with orange ball disbud mums (49400) anchor the eye and provide some weight to the design.

To give rich texture and depth a mixture of blue alpinum thistle (17184), bunny tail grass (39830), rose hips (29688), scabiosa pods (28147), red amaranthus (27409), red astilbe (37985) and red kangaroo paws (32892) were used.  Adding more movement to the design; orange butterfly ranunculus (57596), chocolate ranunculus (34575), and burgundy scabiosa (36408) accented the design perfectly.

Sadly, it’s time to ditch the pool toys and get a jump on the fall season with this recipe.


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