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One bunch of Lisianthus

ONE stem of Lisianthus!!

Devine Design

Kudos to one of our DV sales associates, and designer, Alaine Sanford for helping to create this beautiful arrangement using fresh product from Japan.  From the eye-catching texture and colors of the Thasos and Charlotte Ranunculus to the ever-so-popular sweet peas (Lathyrus), this design is full of exquisite beauty!

She also included a few stems of White Spirea and Light Pink RHONE Ranunculus, however, the most amazing part is that the Lisianthus blooms (Celeb a Queen) are from just one stem!  The bunch and head size of these are impressive to say the least.  We included a few pictures above so you can get a size comparison.

Mix and Match Your Favorites!

Now you have the opportunity to mix and match your favorite (in season) Japanese items through our Japan Direct Program!  Each week we send out a full availability and pricelist for you to order from, including a variety and color breakdown of every selection available.  So you have the option to choose from hundreds of different items that you can’t find anywhere else.

Every box is packed specific to each customer’s order, which means less handling and the freshest arrival date to you.

You can start taking advantage of this amazing program by contacting your DV sales associate today!  The only requirement is that orders must be placed by 10am EST Friday for delivery 10 days out.

Featured above is the Thasos Ranunculus

Charlotte Ranunculus

Spirea White Kodemari

Sweet Pea Dark Blue
(Lathyrus Odoratus)

Thasos Ranunculus


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