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Have you ever seen flowers so delicious
you want to take a bite? Just us?

When these Eufloria garden roses arrived, already gorgeously bloomed open, there was no better word to describe them than scrumptious! Those ruffly petals, the dreamy pastel tones and the scent, it was nothing short of intoxicating. The best part is they arrive ready to party! Even though they are shipped as an open cut, they are hardy and last just as long as a tight cut garden rose.

In this arrangement we have the Darlington garden rose stealing the show with her buttery cream petals, and a mixture of blushy garden spray roses Bombastic and Sofie to add some sweetness.

Just those beauties alone would grab all the attention, but we added silky pink Flamingo callas (17711), pink riceflower (28149) and a swag of variegated ivy (G1070) for a touch of contrast.




Don’t let another week go by without getting these lovelies
into your hands. Your customers will thank you for it!


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