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CalFlowers Wins Marketer of the Year Award
for the That Flower Feeling Initiative

Each year the Society of American Florists honors the best in floral marketing with the coveted MOTY (Marketer of the Year) award. The award was revealed this morning at SAF’s 29th Annual Innovation Breakfast at SAF Phoenix 2023. We are proud to announce that CalFlowers took home the prestigious honor for the That Flower Feeling initiative. The MOTY Award focuses on the most unique, innovative, and successful marketing efforts that have shaped the floral industry year to year.

That Flower Feeling is a successful collaborative marketing campaign, that was launched in 2022 by CalFlowers. The nationally scaled, consumer direct marketing campaign was created to raise per-capita consumption of fresh flowers in the United States. Within one year, the campaigns’ self care focus has reached over 88.1 million consumers in the U.S. and has put fresh cut flowers in the forefront of consumers’ minds.  

The That Flower Feeling Foundation will rely on the floral industry to continue our marketing, promotion, and analytical efforts. The marketing effort is currently being sustained by contributions from many companies of all sizes in the floral industry. We hope to grow the campaign to an even larger scale over the next 12 months through collaborative funding from the entire industry. The success of the campaign will take an effort by the entire floral industry to sustain collaborative marketing for all the U.S. floral market.

For more information, please visit
Steve Dionne: / (760) 213-3996
Vanessa Leite: / (831) 304-4212

About CalFlowers
The California Association of Flower Growers & Shippers (CalFlowers) is a voluntary California-based trade association comprised of 240 voting members in California and 605 associate members in 49 states other than California. CalFlowers collaborates with other floral industry associations to promote the floral industry in the U.S., striving to have more Americans enjoy more flowers more often, and provides access to discount shipping programs for floral products.

About That Flower Feeling
That Flower Feeling is a collaborative effort by the U.S. floral industry to promote the use and enjoyment of fresh cut flowers in the United States. Launched in 2022 by CalFlowers, the consumer-facing brand is educating consumers about the importance of enjoying flowers in our everyday lives to experience the proven benefits on mood, creativity, and connectivity. Regardless of how flowers come into our lives – whether it be as an act of self-care or a gift of love – flowers provide tangible benefits to those who experience their natural beauty.

For more information, please visit
Steve Dionne: / (760) 213-3996
Vanessa Leite: / (831) 304-4212


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