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West Coast Lisianthus

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Another great find from “Bob’s Guest for the Best” in California. This top quality farm produces 70cm plus Lisianthus. Thank you Bob and everyone at DVWF Transflora California.
Lisianthus Greenhouse in California

Lisianthus Greenhouse in California


Farm Worker

Farm Worker

California Dreamin’… By Jason Edmonds

Browne described the genus Lisianthius from the Caribbean, and Linnaeus soon changed the spelling to Lisianthus.  Soon after, Aublet described a genus Lisyanthus from French Guiana.  This was either a new genus with a very similar name to an existing genus, or he changed the spelling for Lisianthius again.  Scientists don’t know what the intention was, but the species that belonged to Aublet’s group was not related to Browne’s species, so they formed different groups.  However, most botanists treated the whole group of species as Lisianthus for centuries, while adding more species.  But according to naming rules the spelling of the oldest name had to be followed, so today Lisianthus is the correct spelling. 

 Since Victorian times, a special meaning has been attached to flowers.  Each flower or flower color is a symbolic representation of an emotion or expression.  It originates in the West Indies, Mexico, and Central and South America.  The common name comes from the Greek words, lysis, meaning “dissolution” and, anthos, which means, “flower”. 

 Some of the most beautiful Lisianthus is now grown on the West Coast and there is no finer example than one of Transflora’s most cherished growers.  Renowned for having, arguably, the best Snapdragons on the planet, this particular farm sets the example of how to grow Lisianthus that every one should take note of…beautiful colors, great stem thickness and an overall quality that’s unsurpassed.

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