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USDA-APHIS Publishes Second List of Prohibited Plants

By June 7, 2013No Comments


The second list of plants and flowers USDA-APHIS proposes to prohibit for import into the U.S. – the “NAPPRA” (Not Authorized Pending Pest Risk Analysis) Round Two list – has been published by USDA for public comment. Once USDA-APHIS has reviewed the public comments, it will publish a final list of the plants or flowers to be prohibited for import until a pest risk analysis has been completed for them.

We have asked for an extension of the comment period, which currently ends July 5. However, industry members should review the list now, to let us, and APHIS, know of any concerns. We believe that some of the taxa listed may already be in trade, which should warrant their removal from the lists.

The proposed list includes 37 taxa that are considered because they could be hosts of one or more of the 9 quarantine pests listed, and 22 taxa of plants that may be quarantine pests (invasive) themselves. We have prepared summary charts (Chart 1Chart 2) to allow you to more quickly review these lists. The APHIS “data sheets” for each pest or pest plant give considerable detail, so you may wish to refer to them for more information, on this website and enter APHIS-2012-0076.

Generally, plants were added to the lists based in part on a low volume of trade history. APHIS notes that generally, it would consider the importation from a country of 10 or more plants in each of the last 3 fiscal years to constitute significant trade. Importers should review the lists to ensure accuracy, as well as to voice concerns or comments.

One of the goals of the NAPPRA rule is to strengthen protections against the importation of pests, diseases, and invasive plants, while avoiding disruption of current trade as much as possible. Once officially in that category and before it could be imported, APHIS would require that a “Pest Risk Analysis” be completed, a process which can be time-consuming and cause delays, so it is important to look at the list now, before it is finalized. Publication of this proposed list is another step in APHIS’ revision of the Quarantine 37 regulations.

Go to the Federal Regulations Website to submit comments. Please also send a copy of your comments to us (see emails below), because SAF and ANLA will provide comments on behalf of the industry at large. To review the Federal Register notice announcing this action, click here.


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