Just because the temperatures are getting cooler doesn’t mean that you have to cool off your designs too, a splash of tropical orchids in the middle of the fall is just what the doctor ordered. When I’m feeling blue nothing makes me happier than an orchid smiling back at me from a stunning arrangement of complimentary colors. When I walk around the coolers, the bright vivid colors of all different types of orchids warms me up from the inside out and inspired me to spread their joy to everyone around me. In honor of all the stunning cut orchid varieties here at DVFlora, I decided to share their best qualities with you and maybe introduce you to a new variety or two.

  • Oncidium orchids are the perfect touch for fall, their bright yellow color is eye catching and their shower of blooms is sure to turn heads and capture everyone’s attention. Their flowers look almost like little ladies dancing that is why they are often referred to as dancing lady orchids. I find them really fun to use in a design because of their color and the way they bounce around and move, they always bring a smile to my face. Oncidiums traditionally have a good length to them which makes them perfect for impressive set pieces and set work. I love to use them in corporate lobbies and large event pieces; a cascade of bright yellow oncidiums flowing from the base of an arrangement elevates the design and really sets it apart.


  • Mokara orchids are an orchid that just screams fun and relaxed splendor. Mokaras are grouped into our dendrobiums, but one look at them and you will spot the differences that help them to stand out on their own. Mokaras are available in a broad petal as well as a skinny petal, both of them are equally stunning examples of this variety. Mokaras have such vivid colors; they range from orange, red, yellow, and an array of fluorescent shades of purple. They are arranged on the stem in a spray formation and often have a few closed buds towards the tip; when shopping for mokaras it is important to be cognoscente of the stem count, because mokaras are available in 5 stem as well as 10 stem bunches. I love to use mokara orchids in cube or cylinder vases, a few stems in a complimentary color added to a mixed arrangement is the perfect way to bring the tropics into a home or office. I also love to sell mokaras for beach weddings; they add a little extra touch of class to the event in an unexpected way.




  • James Storei orchids (Aranthera) were always my go to orchid for the fall, their spider like appearance is perfect for Halloween and the bright red or yellow color is the perfect contrast. James Storei orchids have a long central stem with often a few shorter stems branching off; the fullness of these orchids gives you the perfect waterfall effect for added drama. These orchids are another type that we group in with our dendrobiums, although if you use them once you will see the vast difference between the two varieties, we also have them  available in 5 or 10 stem bunches so keep an eye out when ordering them to make sure you get the one that fits your needs. I personally love the 5 stem bunches, they are typically much longer than their 10 stem counterparts and they also have many more side shoots for you to utilize. James Storei are best used in statement pieces, they easily lend themselves to their surroundings; their long elegant arching stems also command attention and help your eyes to move though the arrangement in a very flattering way.


Corey Rader

Author Corey Rader

Corey Rader has been working in the floral industry since the age of 16! He brings over 10 years of experience with him to DVFlora as a Sales Assistant and continues to work as a designer in his time off. Floral design has been an important part of Corey’s life for years and he looks to share his love with the rest of the world!

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