One of my all time favorite decorating accessory has always been different types of moss, and what better time to talk about moss than in the fall when pops of bright green can help to set off your design and elevate it to the next level. Moss is not something new to the industry, but it is an item that we constantly reinvent to apply in design on a regular basis. From fresh varieties to dried, moss spans the gauntlet in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures with so many options out there it has never been a better time for you to get out there and find the moss that fits perfectly into your life.


  • Reindeer moss is my favorite moss to use, it looks almost like a sponge but the texture is so light and fluffy you can’t resist reaching out and touching it. It also has quite a few colors; there’s natural/tan (S4448), light green(S15850), forest green(S14977), mango(S14976), and even fuchsia (S30259) available and they are all sure to help pop anything you add them to. Reindeer moss is a dried moss; however it remains very light and airy to the touch which is just one of the many astounding aspects of this versatile specimen. When I utilize reindeer moss in a planter I usually use it as an accent with another moss like sheet moss, just due to the size of the reindeer moss it is more cost effective to use it as an accent piece to the overall design.
  • Sheet moss (G1811) has long been the standard in green mosses; it is inexpensive and extremely durable plus it is visually appealing to the eye. Sheet moss is an easy cover for dish gardens and potted plants but I also use it to cover floral foam when I am trying to make a bold statement piece; I have used it to cover foam spheres, square blocks, wreaths, crosses, and even heart forms, I just love the richness of texture it provides to a design. Not only is this moss rich in texture but it is also rich in color; sheet moss has a very flattering dark green hue that is enhanced by its light brown underside, the two combine on the surface to create a colorful layered appearance.

  • Spanish moss is a durable dynamo of texture and versatility, its bulkiness fills in extremely well and its color acts as a neutral backdrop for a colorful botanical or silk arrangement. Preserved Spanish moss comes in a natural grey color as well as a shade of bright green to liven up any planter. A bag of Spanish moss is like bringing home a bag of southern charm, it accents natural fauna so beautifully and can also create a dramatic cascade of loveliness for an interior plantscape. Spanish moss is also a great accent for events, I love draping it on driftwood on card tables or even filling in on ornate mantle pieces, and its charisma really brings on the drama and adds an air of whimsy to any design.

G1116 Moss Spanish 8lb Bag

S17519 Spanish Moss Preserved

S5142 Spanish Moss Bulk 5lb


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