Moss continues to capture my attention even after all these years of working in the industry; there is just something about the intrigue that a good moss creates as you look upon it. Moss adds character and dimension to a variety of plants, garden, arrangements, and even projects around your shop and home. Moss is also fantastic because you can use it as a tool to cover up your mechanics in a design, it is like a designers little helper when times get tough. DVFlora has a full line of mosses sure to bail you out of any design debacle, so why not take a peak and see which moss might just be your new best friend.


  • Mood Moss: There is nothing like a soft bed of mood moss to enhance a uniquely stunning botanical. Mood moss is a thicker type of moss but its density helps to seal moisture into soil and create a unique uneven appearance on the surface of the planter. I often use mood moss almost like sheet moss but because it is so lush I use it more as a luxury version, the richness of the texture and color are just unbeatable. Mood moss is a sassy Kelly green that is multifaceted with different shades of green running through every piece; in addition the brown underside highlights and enhances the vibrancy of the green color. Mood moss can have unique stone like shape so adding them to a tablescape can be really fun, I place them on small dishes as well as just on the table itself, this moss doesn’t shed a whole lot so you don’t have to worry about a big mess if you use it on a table.

Mood Moss S17521

  • Royal Pool Moss: Royal pool moss is a moss that has huge personality and loves to be noticed, it is a unique specimen of moss that invites you to take a closer look. When I see royal pool moss it is very reminiscent of the white and black fur trim on a robe belonging to royalty; the moss is a solid holiday green base with amazing thickness but coming out of this vibrant green moss is small tufts of brown hair like fibers. These fibers are clustered into small clumps that add a sense of depth to the moss as well as a rich texture that can’t help but to solidify this moss as a member of the royal dried moss family. Royal pool moss demands to be placed front and center where it can be admired up close and personal, I love to use it as an accent to a pot of orchids or even placed over floral foam in a uniquely earthy inspired arrangement. If you are going for a natural tropical vibe for a tablescape this moss is a must to polish off the layout of the table, the color variation of this show stopper is sure to enhance anything you throw at it.

Royal Pool Moss Preserved S30260

  • Angel Vine: Although angel vine is not a moss, I still felt the need to include it in my moss madness just because it is such an amazing addition to any dried product line you carry in your shop. Angel vine is a dried natural material which makes it fantastic for the fall season but its versatility can take it far in your design endeavors. I love to take angel vine and fill vases with it before I design for two reasons, the first is aesthetically it is a stunning addition to any vase arrangement, the second is that it holds stems in place so I use less greens and also it grips stems in oddly shaped vases. I also love to use angel vine as a collar for flowers like sunflowers or calla lilies, I form the vine into a disk then I slide the stem through an opening in the center and secure it with stem wrap. The result is a unique collar that adds texture and depth to the flower head while adding a unique eye catching element to your arrangement. For me angel vine is a design gift from above that I can’t help but love.

Angel Vine Natural S54441


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