Dare I say it, Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is almost here, and the Holiday season is about to begin. It is all unfolding so fast and in case you haven’t already, it is time for you to get together your holiday season product line up before it is too late. With each year that passes I always feel the need to reinvent my holiday designs, and as much as I love tried and true classics, they always feel a little stale to me after so many years. With that being said, throughout this magical season I want to bring to you new supplies, flowers, botanicals, as well as different design styles and techniques that will help you to have your best holiday season yet and leave you clients coming back for more. For me, my holiday inspiration always starts with a container; from glass to ceramic, and even plastic trays for those pesky wire service centerpieces your designs can’t take flight without a dynamic container to back it up. 

My top pick for containers this holiday season has to be the three different styles of metallic vases; they are superb specimens for everyday orders for this holiday season. Let’s start with their rich colors; each assortment is comprised of silver, red, and gold which is a solid staple holiday color combination for the holiday season. All three of the colors are in a matte like finish which gives them a high-end trendy aura. The red is not your traditional bright holiday red, it takes on a darker hue, this shade of red is almost like a cranberry bordering on the line of a ruby red, it is a refreshing holiday addition that would be accented beautifully by freedom roses and dark red hypericum berries. The silver vases are perfect for arrangements that you want to have a winter feel but don’t necessarily want to be holiday specific, they go great with blues and whites for Chanukah but can also be transitioned into a New Year celebration. Gold is the quintessential color for the holiday season, it offers a rich backdrop that can be dressed up or dressed down and offers a timeless appearance, I adore a gold glass mixed with white flowers and gold accents to dress up my holiday parties and keep me going into New Years.

Not only do these assortments contain three hot colors but they are also available in three different styles and sizes. The smallest style is the Vibe vase (S29959); the Vibe vase measures approximately 6.5” tall with a 3” opening and features a sleek cinched neck and is sold in a case of 12, these vases are perfect for small cash-and-carry arrangements and even small wire service arrangements. The medium sized style is the Jordan vase (S29960); these measure 8” tall and have a 4” opening, the Jordan vase features a larger rounded base with a cinched in neck and a beautifully faired out opening, these lovely vases are available in a case of 12. The largest size is the Bella vase (S29961), which measures 10.75” tall and has a 5.25” opening; the Bella vase is full of curves that give her a sweet and sassy feel that is sure to catch your eye, and she is available in a case of 6.

Check back this Thursday when we discuss the build quality of these amazing metallic pieces!


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