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Alongside these exceptional colors and styles comes exceptional quality, these vases deliver on quality glass construction. The first time I picked up these vases I was taken aback by the density of the glass; you know a quality vase when you pick one up, the weight, the thickness, and the texture are all tell tale signs that a vase possesses superior quality. Another positive attribute of these vase assortments is the weight at the base of the vase; I love a vase with a heavy base, the added weight always gave me extra comfort knowing that it is less likely the arrangement will tip over. In addition to quality glass, the paint applied to the exterior of the vase is of superior quality as well. Cheaper vases that have painted exteriors always tend to chip and scratch easily; fortunately the metallic paint applied to these vases requires deliberate scratching with a knife to actually damage the paint, for me this is an invaluable aspect of these vases.

These metallic vase assortments are sure to be show stoppers this holiday season, the best part is these fantastic vases can also be transitioned beyond the holidays and into other special occasions and even Valentine’s Day.  When a customer is looking for a vase to celebrate a gold or silver anniversary these vases will fit the bill, their high end appearance will really elevate your design and take it to the next level of sophistication. Not to mention the red vases pair perfectly with red roses for Valentine’s Day specials, or if you want something a little different mix the silver vase with brightly colored rose to really grab someone’s attention. The metallic vase assortments really deliver everything you could want in a trendy vase for the holiday season; their accessible design styles paired with their unparalleled colors capture your attention without detracting from the natural beauty of the flowers they hold inside. These vases make me want to wish everyone a very metallic holiday!

Corey Rader

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