Berries, berries everywhere! Late fall and early winter is the best time to get your hands on some lovely fresh local berries that transition from outdoor to indoor grandeur beautifully. They exude elegance and entice you to take in the beauty of the season, but sometimes weather and demand can diminish supply before you can get your hands on them or maybe your specific job is unable to utilize fresh berries, not to worry because DV has a full line of faux berries sure to satisfy any holiday need all season long.

  • Winterberry sprays are my tried and true artificial berry of the holiday season. These magnificent beauties hold up to the trials and tribulations we throw at them all season long, from their thick wire to their durable lacquered berries, winterberry sprays are the perfect holiday accent. To sweeten the pot these winterberry sprays are available in these essential holiday colors; burgundy (S15442), gold (S15803), red (S15804), and silver (S15443). The metallic gold and silver are the perfect accent if you are looking for an understated metallic accent; they add interest and create a more classic holiday feel. If you are looking for a more traditional berry then look no further than the red and burgundy winterberries, in these quintessential realistic shades your holiday arrangements are sure to be a crowd pleaser. One thing to note on these berries is that they are unable to be utilized outdoors.
  • Spray Berry Plastic (S29583): If you are looking for a berry suited for use outdoors than look no further than the plastic berry spray. Since these berries are plastic and not lacquered foam they can withstand the change in temperature as well as getting wet without popping or melting. The color of the plastic berry spray is the perfect shade of cheerful holiday red; also it adds the perfect balance of holiday cheer and utility which we have become to crave from our holiday hard goods. These berries are absolutely perfect for use in wreaths, grave blankets, cemetery cones, garlands, or any other outdoor holiday display, with these berries the only limit is your imagination.

  • Berry Spray (S16426): If a branched stem with berries clustered at the ends is what you seek than the berry spray is perfect for you! This berry spray has an assortment of side shoots that accommodate a cluster of lacquered berries at their ends as well as sporadically along the length of the stem. I love these berries for a clustered look; they offer a heavier feel that slows the eye as it moves through the arrangement. They are available in a vibrant shade of poppy red that lends itself beautifully to blooms like freedom roses and red carnations. Another important note to remember here is that these are lacquered foam berries so they are not recommended for use outdoors. These berries are perfect for a low centerpiece that you wish to add a bright pop of vibrant red color to, the clusters allow you to cut apart the sprays at varying lengths without wasting any of the berries.


With so many berry options out there, both fresh and artificial, the sky is the limit with what you can accomplish!


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