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The structural bone work of any flower crown

is always the key to creating a stunningly successful head piece; you could make the most beautiful flower crown but if your mechanics can’t support it then you’re back to square one!

For my heavier, fuller bodied floral crowns I prefer to use 18 gauge rustic wire; this is a sturdy wire that comes already covered so you don’t have to waste time wrapping plain wire with stem wrap. Also the decorative aspect of rustic wire can work to your advantage; when you play with positive and negative space you’re bound to leave wire exposed, rustic wire is the perfect accent when exposed in a Bohemian floral head piece, plus it is available in 3 awesome colors; natural (S7662), green (S5482), and brown (S19133).

When it comes to getting your blooms attached to the wire it is a breeze, I used to wire and tape everything onto my wire frame, which was extremely time consuming and also created a lot of excess weight, now glue is my new best friend. The easiest glue to use is Oasis Floral Adhesive (S3083), this glue is ready to use right out of the tube and provides you with a no fuss application. As with any type of glue, you really need to watch what you are doing so that you don’t make a mess; too much glue makes for a really unattractive clump and you also have to watch for those little annoying glue strings so they don’t get stuck to any of your pretty pristine flowers. It is also important to remember that glue doesn’t like to stick to every surface that is why I like to use it in conjunction with rustic wire because the coating on the wire has many nooks and crannies for the glue to seep into and take hold.

When I sell a flower crown to a bride I like to have a fitting with her at her last follow up appointment, that way I can make sure the crown is properly sized; I still take measurements just in case I need to make a new one, but for me, the peace of mind knowing that the actual frame I am going to use fits is invaluable. I also like to get a rough idea on how the bride’s hair will be styled just to make sure I don’t create a design that will interfere with her hair stylists’ ability to get their job done.

This is such a fun reinvention of a classic wedding tradition that is all about crossing design and personality to make a bold statement. Flower crowns are an easy way to elevate a bride’s personal style for her big day and also an easy add on to a wedding order. This trend is something I absolutely love to play with in my spare time; using broken or left over product to try and create a new and exciting combination is what we live for as designers, who knows you might just create the next big thing.


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