We recently had a customer request some Monstera Roots for an upcoming event they were designing for.  So we thought it would be fun (ok, maybe a little evil) to give our in-house designer, Corey Rader, a little challenge and have him come up with something.  We knew he wouldn’t disappoint….

The Monstera Root (X5486) is an ultra-pliable root that is only available a few times a year and were shipped in from Hawaii.  They provide so much interest and texture and can contort into many shapes, perfect for accenting and taking your design to the next level. 

You’ll notice that in the arrangement below, Corey came up with a Hawaiian Tropical theme to go along with the roots.  Naturally, the Monstera Leaves (10168) provide a perfect backing to the design and a subtle cluster of Yellow Pincushion (32174) were utilized to anchor the eye.  To add some movement, he added a spray of Yellow Cymbidiums (46363) and several Green Midori Anthurium (33784) on each side to allow your vision to move through the arrangement.  The entire look was brought together by Golden Wish Oncidium (46320) to bridge all of the components into one.

Finally, to allow the design to shine, a simple and clear 20″x5″ vessel (S16678) was filled with the monstera roots, which proved to be the perfect accent!

The bright yellow petals and red lip of the Yellow Cymbidiums provide a warm tropical feel, while the placement of them allows the arrangement to move freely.

The Green Midori Anthurium used are the medium size and shipped from Hawaii, helping to keep a true Hawaiian aspect to the design.

Cymbidium Yellow (46363)

Anthurium Green Midori Med. (33784)

We still can’t get over the fun texture of the Monstera Roots.  They are well over 6ft tall and move so easily and freely that you can pretty much bend them however you like.

The Golden Wish Oncidium are just an amazing item in general.  The color is similar to the Yellow Cymbidium that were used, but the smaller petals and long laterals provide the entire arrangement with a beautiful fill in.

Monstera Root (X5486, special order only)

Oncidium Golden Wish (46320)


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