We’re taking a step outside of the box with this one and working with a few new “trending” novelty items for an elegant appeal.  This design features both the Brownie Tulips (x6889) and the Brownie Anemone (x6950), which are taking the industry by storm right now.  You can also check the close up images to see the Gum Nut Euc (g2280) and Witch Hazel (58819), both add a lovely natural appeal with the witch hazel giving a nice fragrance.

Finally, there are two new additional items here that we can’t wait to show you more of.  The first is the compote.  The Venice Mercury compote is 10.5 inches tall with a 7in opening and comes from Accent Decor.  The second, is the Lavender Andrea rose.  It’s a newer variety that has an amazing head size and soft lavender color.  Stay tuned for more info on these two!

Rose Brown Cappuccino (X4387)

Brownie Tulip (X6889)

Cymbid Mini Burgundy (38953)

Witch Hazel 3ft (58819)

Brownie Anemone (X6950)

Spray Rose Red Garnet Gem (58853)


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