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We can never have enough fun playing around with new flower varieties, especially when it’s some lovely Pink Garden Roses from Alexandra Farms and Spray Roses from Japan.  This design features both, as well as some other gorgeous blooms to create an explosion of color, reminiscent of my childhood days staring at a bowl of Captain Crunch Berries (that was of course after I ate all of the Captain Crunch and left only the Berries).

The lovely pink garden roses showing very prominently here are called Pincess Meiko (prosperous) (48929).  They are a Japanese Garden Rose grown exclusively by Alexandra Farms.  “Vivacious and youthful, Princess Meiko flaunts her lovely color with rounded, layered, camellia-like petals. In the fully open flower, the outer petals make a flaring skirt, while the center petals cluster into quarters, begging to be lifted to the nose. This party girl’s vivid pink evenly suffuses the entire blossom. It evokes gaiety and pops in a palette of hot hues, or contrasts beautifully with pink-tinted white flowers.”

*Quantities will be limited on the Meiko Spray Roses*

Not to be outdone, the Splash Sensation Spray Roses (58858) from Japan deserve just as much attention.  They posses lovely antique pink petals that play well with the Lavender Blue Berry Sweet Pea (43242), which are sprinkled throughout.  Of course the entire design is brought together by all of the colors, including the Lavender Lilac (27132) and White Spirea (49674).


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