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2021 Tournament of Roses


The stage has been set for an ultimate battle of the top four rose varieties, as voted by you!  There is no telling at this point who will advance to the championship round.  Shimmer just squeaked by Country Blues (last year’s runner-up) by only 3 votes and matches up against the reigning champ, Free Spirit.

On the Garden Rose side, we had another thriller where White O’Hara beat out the #5 seeded Constance (DA) by ONLY 1 VOTE!  Now it will face off against the heavily favored Juliet (DA), who somewhat easily beat out Keira (DA).  Although it was a little closer than expected.

So will Free Spirit continue it’s dominance or will Shimmer pull off another surprising comeback?  And does White O’Hara have enough left in the tank to upset Julet (DA).  As history shows us, every vote matters here and could decide who moves on to the Championship Round to determine the ultimate rose variety.  Will there be a winner from the Standard Rose bracket or does a Garden Rose prevail?  Time will tell…

The Details

Remember, for every round you vote in, DVFlora customers will have the opportunity to win a free case of roses from one of the Final Four varieties.  You can take your pick…and if they all happen to be from the same grower, we could look at doing an assorted box, if you wish.

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Every vote counts! Make sure that you continue to vote in each round to help decide the ultimate variety.

Voting for Round 5 has officially ended.
Results and voting for the Championship Round will be available Thursday 4/1.


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