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We are happy to help announce the release of 13 New Rose Varieties being grown by our friends at Rosaprima!  We know that finding the right rose varieties to bring to the market requires an endless amount of time and resources. What can start with thousands of test varieties, ultimately is narrowed down to only a select few. The 13 lucky “winners” shown below, have made the cut by outperforming so many others in tests such as plant performance, cuttings per plant, head size, petal count, quality in shipping and vase life.

We also know that Rosaprima is an industry leader in providing luxury Ecuadorian grown roses on a consistent basis. These varieties are sure to be no different. One thing to keep in mind however, as with any new variety in the market, increased production always takes a little while before they are readily available each week. It’s best to contact your DVFlora Sales Associate for ordering information.

Continue reading below to see all of these varieties as well as the entire Rosaprima catalog. We have provided links to download a full high-resolution copy for viewing later and printing.

We will soon be releasing the details of our 2021-2022 Cream of the Crop Standing Order program, which includes the option to create your own special Custom Mix Box of Rosaprima Roses! So as you’re viewing the available varieties, make sure you take note of your favorites so you will be ready to place your order when the time comes.

New 2021 Varieties

Rosaprima is always looking for ways to innovate, and find the perfect balance between preserving the timeless classics and adding new varieties to enrich their collection! Below you will see the 13 new varieties they have selected after careful examination of thousands of roses. Take a look for yourself…

Click here to download and read more about these new varieties!

*NOTE: Quantities of these roses will be limited until production increases*

About The Extraordinary Rosaprima Collection

Rosaprima is an independent company that has a unique passion for roses. They are very committed to growing and breeding the world’s most luxurious roses, and are constantly raising the bar by setting new standards in quality, service, and corporate citizenship. Since being founded in 1995, their values have remained the same: unequaled craftsmanship, sound business practices, and a belief that roses have a critical place in life’s most precious moments.

Their collection consists of more than 150 varieties of estate-grown luxury roses that are tested on 400-acre estate in Guachala region of Ecuador, at an altitude of 9,350 feet. Only the ones that meet their stringent tests and requirements in terms of bud size, coloration, longevity, and resilience are brought to commercial production and introduced to the most discerning markets around the globe. As a result, their collection is a unique and impeccable assortment of the best roses in the world!

Download The Full Rosaprima Catalog

Get to know more about Rosaprima and their Exclusive Varieties.
Click here to view and download their general catalog!

Contact your DV Sales Associate for more information on booking a Custom Box Standing Order of Rosaprima Roses!


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