On Wednesday, October 19th, thousands of floral industry members will gather within their local communities to participate in this year’s Petal It Forward event. The object is to help spread happiness and good vibes by handing out flowers to unsuspecting strangers as they go about their day.


Each passerby will receive two bunches of flowers or bouquets. One is for them to keep and take to their home or office. The other is for them to “pay it forward” by giving it to another random stranger or family member in need of a smile.


As we mentioned earlier, the object is simple…it’s to spread happiness with flowers. It’s been proven by science that flowers can reduce stress and anxiety, while also making people feel more compassionate towards others when they are present at home. SAF members can read more about the data that supports this by clicking here.


This part is simple as well. Participants are encouraged to register with the Society of American Florists (SAF) by filling out a quick online form. This will help them track how many people are participating and the different locations. You do not have to be a member of SAF to participate in this event.

The next part is to find a location with good foot traffic and a time of day that works. We have found that a busy downtown area with shopping or outdoor mall is perfect on a good day. Other areas might include an train stop or maybe even outside of your storefront. Make sure to wear something to promote your business or staple business cards to the sleeves on the bunches.

It’s now time to plan what type of product you will be handing out. This part doesn’t have to be difficult. Something as simple as a single rose or carnation stem or 3-stem mini bouquet can go along way with a person.

DVFlora customers have access to specially discounted bouquets and 5 stem bunches of Astronova from Queens and Holland America. They are available to order now on DV Grower Direct for delivery 10/17 and/or 10/18.  Below are the details, but you’ll have to contact your sales rep or visit our website to see pricing.

Queens – these will have a PIF sticker on each bunch
Petit 7 stems – 14 pack  *seasonal bouquet
Medium 12 stems – 9 pack  *seasonal bouquet
Astronova Assorted 5st bunch – 14pk

Holland America – these are wet pack & certified American Grown
Bouquet Petal It Forward 7 stems – 15pk
*each includes 2 sunflowers, 2 LA lilies, and 3 greens

Finally, as you begin to setup for the event, make sure that you’re getting the exposure you need. Post a simple video on your social media pages explaining what you’re doing. Then make sure to post plenty of pictures and video from the day on either your main feed or in “stories.” It’s also important to use #petalitforward so people can follow along. You can also send out an email to your customers showing what you did in your local community.


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