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Starting March 13th we will have our Spring Tinted Solidago box . Each case includes Hot Pink, Dark Pink, Purple and White. The bunches are tinted by spraying. We will carry this through this weekly through the summer.

Last Spring we started carrying an assorted Aster Case from Valleflor. This has been a hit and sells out every week. Their production has increased for the Spring season but I still expect us to sell out weekly. They are comparable to Mardi Gras. 80cm with 3-5 laterals per stem, guaranteed to get 20 laterals per bunch. Each box contains 2 Double Purple, 2 Double Pink, 2 Carnival Solidago, 2 Carnival White. Item # 29751- Aster Asst Carnival/Dbl Cs8.

Our Spring Bouquet line will be released next week. Contact your sales rep for more info.
Reminder: Easter Bouquet order cut off is March 7th. Prices will increase after this date.
Mother’s Day Bouquets will be sent out next week.

Calla Lily
Our First shipment of Local Callas arrived this week! Production will be very limited this year. Our local grower had significate crop loss and is working on rebuilding. Typically we have these though the first week of May but it may end more towards the end of April this year due to low production.

Rose Globes
Mothers day are due on 3/2

All Flowering Branches should be cut and placed in water upon arrival. They are stored in water in our coolers but shipped out of water. A trim of the stem before placing in water is needed.

Cherry Blossom
3-4ft Pink is on hand now. They are at a good stage- will just take 5-7 days to open. The first shipment of Tall White is arriving this week. They are in a tight stage and will need 7-10 days to open. Tall Pink usually starts the end of March.

Season has begun. Currently in a tighter stage, will need a week to open. Due to the warmer weather we have been having the season will not be as long as it normally is. Expected to end in 2-3 more weeks.

Just started this week and is usually available until the middle of April.

Peach Blossom
This started this week. Should have these through April.

Starting this week. This is a short season. Available until mid-March.

Pussy Willow
Regular, Pink, Purple, Black and Fantail available. Fantail, Black and Purple will be ending soon. One more shipment arriving next week and that will be it for the season. The Regular and pink will go through April.

We have Pink and White available. White will be around until the end of April beginning of May and the Pink usually through the end of March.

Beach Plum, Dogwood, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Mock Orange, Spirea are also Spring items but we don’t have the start dates on those yet. Stay tuned.


The supply of dark blue sea waltz is strong from Ecuador but as always light blue sky waltz is limited. The percentage of light blue grown is always much less than dark blue.
At the moment there is a good supply of dark blue hybrid delph from Ecuador, light blue, and colors are limited.  The delph from California has been limited but that will change in the next few days as more growers will be coming on line.

California grown dianthus has been limited but it is balanced by low demand. California grown green dianthus is very limited.  The supply of green dianthus from South America remains strong and we will soon see some coming from Mexico.

Laceflower has been limited from California due to the cold rainy winter. There have been small amounts of chocolate lace and plenty of green mist, not a favorite of our customers. We can expect to see regular queen anns lace in two to three weeks. The grower told me the plants are in the ground and reach nearly eight feet in height but have not flowered due to the cold. He said “they are coming”.

In years past we would be selling Baja grown larkspur this time of year and lots of it. Once again, the unusually cold and rainy winter has completely stalled the larkspur. All the Baja farms have it planted, and all of them are waiting for some sun and warmer temperatures.
I have been supplementing with larkspur from Ecuador.

Snapdragons are always limited in the winter months. The days are short which mean less sunlight for the plants, snaps love the sun. This is true of both California and Canada. A common theme in this report has been the unusual weather California is having. The cold temperatures have stalled snapdragon production in California causing shortages and gaps in our inventory. That being said, this past week there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel with a few more growers finally offering snaps. Hopefully with more product on the market we will see some relief in the prices.

Stock has been plentiful from Ecuador, California, and the Baja. That may change for the next few weeks. Some of our growers from the Baja will be in a gap as a result of excessive rain earlier in the year that washed away plantings schedule for harvesting the next few weeks.
Stock is a plant that likes or can tolerate cooler temperatures. Below are a couple of photos provided by one of our suppliers that is harvesting from an area referred to as “the desert”, close to the Salton Sea in Southern California. The stock has been beautiful.

We have a great selection of sunflowers arriving from Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and California almost daily.

When will the season truly start? The season has been very slow to start due to the cold and the rain. As I said before, its coming. They plants are there, they just need the sun. Through all of this we seem to be holding serve and keeping up with demand.


Small but mighty! This spring crop is always a winner. The harvest begins in January and ends around the end of April. This is a classic bulb crop that requires a cold dormant period in advance of the flowering season. You can find this product available on our Dutch Direct platform, our Grower Direct platform, and in most weeks in our regular inventory. Note, this product will most likely be out of season before Easter, since Easter is late this year.

While there are many varieties of Daffodils; one of the most popular are the field grown daffodils. These provide a great value with ten stem bunches and from a pricing standpoint and are great for cash an carry sales. The product is grown primarily in Ireland and England on large tracts of outdoor land. If your looking for some instant color and pop; this is the ticket! Just plop in a vase and enjoy the opening and development process.

This product can also be found on our Dutch Direct and Grower Direct platforms; as well as the DVflora inventory.
Note, this product will most likely be out of season before Easter, since Easter is late this year.


Cut Flowers:

We have recently added more small pack selections from Colombia.  Give them a try!
Super Select – 3pk
Select – 6pk
Fancy – 6pk

As we approach Spring wedding season, please advise your rep if you have any needs for those very limited varieties.  Such as Lege Marrone or any other member of the Vintage or Antique series.  The availability on these selections tightens up rather quickly so the sooner we can work on filling your needs the better

Blush/Peach varieties available now are Fairytale (58636, 50722), Romancero (54855), Linette (peach 58282, 58653). These colors will also tighten up significantly during wedding season so please get your orders in very, very early for the best chance of fulfillment.

New Tip!  You can now enter “rare” in the search for plants field on, to find our current offerings of rare and unique plants.

St. Patrick’s Day

Oxalis & Shamrocks
Canadian Oxalis – 4in, green, lavender, red (purple) & iron cross / 6in green are on hand and available now.
Shamrocks – 2.5in 28pk, shipments are currently arriving.

SPRING!  Can’t get here fast enough!
The Easter pricelist has been published.


  • California – We will have some 4.5in & 6in Pink and Blue Hydrangea arriving next week.  Availability is limited to those two colors (no white)
  • Florida – Available now!
    7in Assorted B2309 – These run at a tighter stage, showing some color.
    10in Assorted B3370 – Come in a deco patio pot, also run on the tighter side, showing some color
  • Local – 6in and 8in will be available at the end of March

Availability Notes

Canadian bulbs are available now, including tulips.
Local bulbs – Some items are ready now and are expected to begin arriving towards the end of next week.
Easter Prebook bulbs will be available at the end of March. Special pricing is offered for delivery by 3/31.

Easter Lilies
Will be available for delivery beginning Monday, March 27th.
Local – We currently have limited availability on 6in (ordering cut off is 3/24)
Florida – We have limited availability on 8in & 10in (ordering cut off is 3/16)

Palm Trees
We will have of 10, 12 & 14in palms for March/Palm Sunday but quantities are limited. Here are some specs on the product arriving now:

Product ID Product Name Specs
B1076 Palm Areca 10in 32-38in Full
B1244 Palm Areca 12in 4-5ft Full with Great Color
B1491 Palm Cataracterum 10in 4-4.5ft, Very Full
B1073 Palm Majesty 10in 4.5ft Multi,  Full and Nice!
B1074 Palm Majesty 12in 6.5ft Very Pretty
B2299 Palm Neanthe Bella 10in 34-36in Super Clean
B1727 Palm Pheonix Roebellini 10in 3ft Multi and they are FLUFFY!

** Specs are likely to change weekly based on demand**


Bird of Paradise
(not blooming) are running very nice right now! Need something to take up some open space in a room?  These would work great!

Product ID Product Name Specs
B1082 Bird of Paradise 10in 3ppp 4ft+, 3PPP
B1620 Bird Of Paradise 14in 4ppp 7-7.5ft, 4ppp Very nice!


Mother’s Day/HB’s/Summer Blooming
We will be publishing a separate pricelist for May and June; Mother’s Day plants, Hanging Baskets and Summer blooming. This pricelist will be ready and published in late March.

All spath are looking beautiful and some are on special for next week’s delivery!

Olive Plants
6in are available out of Florida (B6291)

One thing to note about all of the Seasonal pricelists that we publish – We are able to get many, many other items that may not be listed… as long as they are available.  Just ask and we will do our best to fill your needs.


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