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Greetings From the West Coast Again!

By February 4, 2010 June 14th, 2019 One Comment

Hello again!

Yesterday I visited our main California Snapdragon grower and am excited to report on what I saw.  If only you could be here with me to see this!  Since I know you’re all busy preparing for the Holiday, I’ll post some pictures for you.  Check out how each stem is the perfect height and cut stage.  You could lay a straight edge across these beds!  Quality, Consistency, and even Quantity!!! 

We just loaded some hampers on our trucks last night and they will be arriving in Sewell, NJ over the weekend.   

Bob Wilkins and the DVFG California Team (Maria, Monica, and Jose)
The “in state” sourcing and quality team for DV!

Beds of White California Snapdragon

Beds of White California Snapdragon


Beds of Pink California Snap

Beds of Pink California Snapdragon

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  • Monica Chimes says:

    Hello from the East Coast Again!! I can’t believe how BEAUTIFUL those snap dragons are! I truly & personally have to Thank You for posting these pictures! In all of the years I have been in this business, NOBODY has ever done this (well, now that we are so “computer savvy” , you can)! I am sure that a good amount of floral shops probably don’t even know how & where their flowers are grown, this can definitely help put their minds at rest on this blog. These pictures are amazing!! Keep them coming Mr. Bob!! I Love it!

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