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Build a Winning Team

By February 8, 2010 No Comments

We felt this message applies to all businesses regardless of the size. Tell us what you think or what you are doing to make a difference in your Flower Shop. Post a comment today!

 Build a Winning Team

By Jon Gordon

 In the spirit of the New Orleans Saints winning their first Super Bowl I thought this was an appropriate newsletter this week.

 I often say that, “You win in the locker room first. Then you win on the field.”

 Whether we’re talking sports, business, education, healthcare, etc. the key to success is to build a winning team first. Of course this seems obvious but with increasing pressure to reach certain targets and goals and a challenging economy it’s easy for leaders and their teams to become outward focused on numbers and outcomes rather than inward focused on building the right environment, culture, attitude and synergy.

 We must remember that it’s not the numbers that drive the people but the people and team that drive the numbers. The power comes from the inside and then it extends outward. Just as physical trainers will tell you that to build a strong body you must build your core, to build a strong organization you must build your core foundation-consisting of your people and team. Without a strong core you’ll have weak energy, weak performance and weak results.

 The Saints were able to perform at a high level and as Drew Brees said, “We came together as a team and we believed in each other.” Without this belief, synergy and unity do you think it would have been possible for them to win the Super Bowl?

 The same goes for the game of business and life.

 Now more than ever it’s time to energize your people, communicate with them, invite them “on the bus” and move them in the right direction with a shared vision, focus and purpose. Negativity and fear are knocking your people off balance. It’s time to regroup, refocus, reenergize and create a strong core. With a solid foundation and a winning team you create strength on the inside that can withstand the negativity, naysayers and adversity on the outside.

 I’ve spoken to a number of professional and college sports teams and am honored that many teams have read my books. Yet I have learned a valuable lesson. Books and speeches don’t win championships. Culture, players and coaches do. It’s their beliefs, actions, talent and teamwork that make the difference.

 So, what action are you going to take this week to build a winning team at work, home, school, or on the sports field? 

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