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Every Day is a Gift…

By February 15, 2010 No Comments

TGITThank God It’s Today

By Barry Gottlieb, http://www.barrygottlieb.comVolume #120 2/15/2010

Every Day is a Gift…
Is this statement something you can relate to?

Do you relate to this statement, or do you take each day for granted like most people do? When you start your day, are you planning on having a great day, or are you settling for the kind of day that just happens?

 Do you recognize that you actually have a choice? Yes, that’s right… You have a choice whether you are going to have a good day or a bad day.

 You may not be able to control the events that occur during the day, especially those events that are unexpected and challenging. But you definitely have a choice whether you are going to allow these events to ruin your day. You have a choice regarding how you are going to face these challenges.

 Most people will allow these challenges to “get to them”. They will dwell on them and they will wallow in their misfortune. Winners on the other hand, will look for solutions and take immediate action to move forward.

 We all face challenges every day. Winners deal with these challenges in a positive way. Losers see them as problems.

Daily Menu… Your Choice
Here are some simple action steps that will help you create the winning habit of choosing a “great day” every day.

  • When you first get up each morning… TGIT (tig-it)
  • Pretend you are handed a menu. On one side of the menu there is a happy face and it reads: Great Day. On the other side of the menu it reads: Bad Day.
  • Now… Make your selection! Choose Great Day!
  • Resolve that when you are faced with unexpected challenges, you are going to accept them and immediately find solutions.
  • Take immediate action!
  • Avoid replaying the challenge or bad news.
  • Move forward… not backwards (stop replaying it)
  • Choose to have a great day… every day. Remember that you and only you get to make that choice.

Remember… Every day is a gift, and the quality of your life is your gift to yourself

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