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We will periodically be bringing you highlights of what’s going on across the markets – fresh and hardgoods alike. We’ll touch on topics like supply & demand, season beginnings/endings, weather forecasts and everything in between. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Miscellaneous and Schedule Items

Petal it Forward- We are pleased to work with the Society of American Florists (SAF) in helping to spread the word about this year’s Petal It Forward program, happening on Wednesday, October 19th. Petal It Forward is a “random acts of kindness” type of flower giveaway, where consumers on the street receive two flower bouquets (or flowers)—one to keep and one to share.

We will have some specially priced bouquets if you want to hold an event in your community. These bouquets can be ordered through DV Grower Direct for delivery Friday, October 14th. Orders must be placed by Monday, October 3rd. To quickly place an order, just search “Petal It Forward” on the DV Grower Direct page.

Evergreens Prebook– Make sure you get your evergreens orders in by October 3rd to get the best early prebook pricing. You should have received your Evergreens Collection booklet a few weeks ago. It’s time to dust it off and dig in- the holidays will be here before you know it.

Annual Cream of the Crop– It’s also time to book your year round Standing Orders. This is a great way to make sure you have the best quality products you want every week at a consistent price. Contact your sales rep- the deadline is October 2nd.


Carnations/Mini Carnations- Production is back to normal in most cases, but demand is increasing, so pricing will start to increase. Fall colors, particularly some items like Peach, Crazy Horse, etc., are in high demand as they always are this time of year, so availability is limited and prices will be high.

GypProduction continues to be somewhat lower, but demand is also decreasing. We don’t expect any problems with filling orders for next week.

Lilies– As farms move over to fall production, remember that demand for White LA lilies stays high.  White LA’s are limited in the market due to lower levels of production.  Also, please be aware as we move into Fall, the variety “Sunset” has different shading from different farms.

Pom Pons– Availability and pricing remain fairly good, but we expect the market to tighten soon. Most fall varieties are now available.


Colors– Colors are limited and very expensive. Popular wedding varieties are very difficult to get and prices are higher then they have been all year.

Reds– Not much change here from the past few weeks- availability is good and prices are low.

Spray Roses– These are going strong. Similar to Colors, some varieties are almost impossible to find. Make sure you try some of the new varieties- there are lots to choose from.

Garden Roses– The market is very strong on Garden Rose. Luckily we’ve been able to meet demand in most cases, with minor shortages here and there.


Miscellaneous– A few interesting items you might want to try to jazz up your fall designs: Crab Apples, Money Flower, Viburnum Berry, and Japanese Lanterns are all available. Hops will be available for a couple more weeks. Make sure you see our “New Arrivals” blog posts each week for more new tidbits.

Crab Apple Red Jewel


Crab Apple Dark Red Adams



Calla Lilies– Production of white mini callas decreased drastically in both Ecuador and Colombia and of course the demand has begun to increase with the onset of wedding season. We expect we will run out of white mini callas early next week.

Stock– There seems to be steady supply of stock, but the demand has increased as well. The colors that are in high demand, white, lavender, and magenta or burgundy sell quick and we find ourselves waiting for the next shipment to arrive creating short term shortages. Peach is extremely difficult as the demand this fall is very high.

Snaps– Production of snaps in California has begun to taper off. The Canadian growers will begin to see their production go down and prices have returned to normal. We have had some Medium snaps from Canada that have been popular, but the intentions of all Canadian growers are to produce tall snaps. Medium snaps are a mistake and therefore are sometimes limited. That is the case now. Also at this time of year the Canadian snaps may have thinner stems then we would like. That is a result of warm and long summer days. As a result the snaps grow faster and thinner then they would later in the year.

Protea and Leucadendron– The demand for Leucadendron is on the rise and we have a good selection for next week. Pink protea from California has begun to increase but the variety selection is limited. Banksia from California is back and in inventory for next week. There are several varieties available.


Hardy Mums, Asters, Cabbage, Kale, Ornamental Peppers, and indoor Mums are all available now.


We now have prefilled Mercury Glass Votives available in Gold and Silver.

silver-mercury       gold-mercury-votive

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