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Flower of the Week- Make sure you check out Flower of the Week every week. You can find it on the Welcome page of DVFlora.com or in a weekly email. This week the Flower of the Week is Cup Seeded Eucalyptus, which is not technically a flower, but make sure you play along.

Holiday Flyers- Look for our Easter/Administrative Professional flyers in the Distinctive Values this week. The Mother’s Day flyers and Blooming Tropical Plant lists will follow in a week or two.


Clematis– Our first shipment of Florida Clematis has arrived. Please note that we sell these by color, NOT by variety. The colors are set by the grower. So you may get one variety one day and another variety the next day, but they will be very similar. All bunches are 10 stems, and at least 30” tall.

Larkspur- Production is still relatively low and prices are relatively high. We may see some gaps in availability, but it looks like we are one to two weeks from seeing an improved supply.

Bells of Ireland- The quality has been good on Bells, and supply is good. We should have a solid inventory for St. Patrick’s Day this week.

Heather- There was a little Heather from California available for this week, so get it while we have it.

Sunflowers- Sunflowers from South America are still extremely limited due to poor weather. Production in California has started to kick in. We expect to start seeing a good supply in a week or two.

Anthurium- New for next week, we will have a 12 pack of Assorted this week that will have Green, Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple and Bi-color. Give it a try.

Gladiolas- California Glads are almost back on track. We are seeing more availability, but prices are still at Winter price levels. We are also seeing some of the DVFlora 13 packs.


Weather- Weather is beginning to impact production in Bogota. Cold, cloudy rainy weather is good for Alstro, but not good for most other crops. Even with the low demand in March, supply is tightening up on several items.

Fillers- Solidago Golden Glory is in a production gap for a week or two but we have plenty of other Solidago. Statice from South America is somewhat limited, but Canadian Statice will be back in production in a week or so, depending on the weather. That should give us a more consistent supply of Pink and Lavender Statice.

Carnations/Mini Carnations- Production has tightened drastically on Carns and Mini Carns. Weather is impacting production, and growers are gearing their production for Mother’s Day, so supply will be limited and prices will be higher for several weeks.

Mums/Pom Pons- There should be a good supply from most growers for the next few weeks.


Easter Lilies- Easter Lilies should be available around April 3.

Purple Double Spike Phals- The availability of Double Spike Purple Phal plants has dropped to Zero for a couple of weeks. One of our regular suppliers has some crop damage, plus they sold out for Valentine’s Day, and the new crop is not ready yet. We will be bringing in other similar colors from other growers to fill in.


Flameless Flickering LED Candles- These are on sale this week at our lowest sale price ever. Stock up now for Wedding Season. Three AAA batteries are included.

Raffia- Our regular Hanks of Natural Raffia are out of stock temporarily. We have Trimmed Raffia as a sub.

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