Fall means color, color and more color!

The purple kale, red celosia, orange rose and bronze mum make this recipe of the week suitable for a halloween gathering or home accent. View the 13 ingredients below to create your own masterpiece!

Kale Lavender Crane Rose 5st (12051)
Rose Org Confidential 50cm (53449)
Celosia Coxcomb Chief Fire (10485)
Bittersweet Local 2-3ft (27959)
Crocosmia Orange Dutch (27882)
Alchemilla Robustica Dutch (25888)
Salal Little John (G1112)
Yarrow Yellow Peru (31479)
Waxflower Org Tint 400gr Peru (38195)
Amaranthus Hanging Var Mira (12184)
Huckleberry (G1064)
Mum Disbud Bronze Cooper (21940)
Gomphrenia Purple (29453)

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