It’s been a challenging week in the floral industry to say the least.  Everyone has been experiencing flight delays out of South America and the wild fires in California have been causing sever destruction in many of the growing regions.  While we are happy to see that people are ok, the news regarding loss of homes and farmland has been difficult to process.  On a positive note, we are hearing that some of the fires are starting be contained.

Snapdragons are in very limited supply and we are hoping for a rebound to winter varieties in the coming weeks. Larkspur is in normal supply but definitely not over abundant.  Stock is ending in Lompoc and production will slowly shift to Baja and the CA deserts, it will be limited for a few weeks.  QA lace, solidago, green mist, veronica, safflower and matsumoto asters are available but not in heavy production. Lilies, gerbera  and sunflowers are in good supply. Hydrangea are almost done for the season but there are few solid white and green from Northern CA. Waxflower varieties are coming in more every week, we should see decent availability for December shipping. Eucalyptus is of good quality; seeded, feather, willow, silver and baby blue. Upright pepper berry and olive branches are also in good supply. There are a good supply of greens to compliment the traditional Western greens season we are heading into. Ilex is in good supply and of excellent quality.

As always if you have any special orders or questions please let us know!

The fields in Ventura on Wednesday afternoon. This is very close to our Transflora CA office.

We continue to have a fairly good supply of all the above for next week with two primary exceptions:

#1 White Statice is VERY limited.  Statice is generally a 2 – 3 year plant which continues to produce year round.  Growers don’t typically produce large quantities year-round, due to low demand a good portion of the year.

#2 White Laceflower.  We are mainly sourcing from California, which is very limited at this time of the year.

We continue to have a fairly good supply of all Alstro for this week.  

Please make sure you are prebooking orders early.

Carnation/Mini Carnations
GREAT Distinctive Value for next weeks delivery, item #20668, Carnation Novelty Assorted Fancy, 175pk!

We look to have a fairly good supply of all Holiday colors in both Carnations and Mini Carnations.

Red and Peppermint Mini Carnations are tightening in supply.  Again, please make sure you book early!

Production of Hybrid White Lilies is somewhat limited, but we have fairly good numbers coming in.  As always, 2 Bloom production out of California is VERY limited. 

Distinctive Value for next week, item #30223, Lily Assorted LA 3+, 5pk from Sun Valley.  The mix will be: 3bu La White Bach 3+, 2bu Red Corleone 3+.

Mums/ Pom Pons
We have a fairly good supply of all Mums and Poms for this week’s shipping.

A newer White Novelty variety, Esponja, item #67631.  Give it a try!

The red rose market is heating up like Rudolph’s Nose!

Red – open market is tightening up and we don’t think we be seeing relief anytime soon. When availability is limited this early, “usually” it does not catch up. 

Colors – other than white, plenty of product in the market.  Keep an eye out for some amazing promotions on PINK MONDIAL and SWEET ESKIMO!!!!

Whites – availability is still pretty good. 

Valentine’s Day
We’ve been working on Vday the past few weeks.  Look for pricing to be published very soon.  You can always start talking to your DV Sales Associate now.  

There is a better supply of burgundy and black knight scabiosa. Blackberry scoop remains limited. There has been no white scabiosa or vanilla scoop available.

Protea, Leucadendron and South African product
Just a reminder all South African product is ordered 10 days in advance of arrival. It is critical that you place your special orders accordingly. This includes the following items, King Protea, banksia, cone leucadendron and some specialty leucadendron, berzelia, and brunia.

As in pervious years South Africa farms will soon close for a month. The season is coming to an end and production is at its lowest.  This is the dead of summer for them and they will use this time to give there employees time off and replant.

You can already see a smaller selection in the coned leucadendron. Many varieties that we saw a few weeks ago have already come to an end. The vase life for this product is very long.

Below are a few pictures of some coned leucadendron we will have this week.

Take a look at the new variety #42683 Red Tag. This is a test planting for the grower so I don’t expect to see any more this year. The grower plans to plant more of this for next year.

39934 Leucadendron Cone Silver Jade Pearl

42683 Leucadendron Red Tag (Stunning)

38088 Leucadendron Coned Sabulosum

Amaryllis –
These are in full swing now!  We have some nice Canadian Red Lion on Distinctive Values for this week 

45363 – Amaryllis Red Lion 4hd Canada – 

We also have Assorted Christmas 18 packs!

Cymbidium –
REMINDER – We have fully moved over to Dutch Cymbidium and we no longer have New Zealand.

Christmas Assorted 10pks are available in 8/11 and in Minis.

Ginestra –
We will have our first shipment of Italian Ginestra arriving this weekend. We also still have California available.

Ginestra Pink 200g Italy


Ginestra Red 200g Italy


Ginestra White 200g Italy


We have Red Ilex available from both California and Holland.

Peony –
We have a nice selection of Chilean Peony available. Product looks good!!

New this Holiday Season- Assorted Painted Solidago boxes.  12 packs just arrived!  

Item # 57028.  There is 3, Red, 3 White, 3 Gold, and 3 Silver in each box.  Arriving on 12/17 for shipping the week of Christmas we have 6 pks.  

Item # 57034.  Each box will contain 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Red, 1 White, and 1 Green. 

Production has gotten a little bit better.  

We will have plenty of California.

We decided to bring back the Produce Kits that we had a few years back.  The kits are arriving this weekend.  Two of them on the Distinctive Values.  These kits are great for smaller shops who don’t want to risk buying a full case of fruit. 

Kits mixes are below:

Item #


Kit Contents


Produce Kit #1

3 Oranges, 3 Gala Apples, 3 Granny Smiths, 3 Red delic. 3 Pears


Produce Kit #2

3 Grapefruit, 3 Gala Apples, 3 Granny Smith, 3 Red Delic. 3 Pears



Produce Kit #3

1 Pineapple, 3 Oranges, 3 Granny Smiths, 3 Red Delic., 3 Pears



Produce Kit #4

1 Grapefruit, 3 Oranges, 3 Granny Smiths, 3 Red Delic. 3 Pears

Thank you for reading our latest edition of the DV Flash Report.  We hope you find this information helpful!


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